FYE Policy

FYE 101 Requirement
FYE 101 Science of Success is a required course for all incoming students starting in the Fall of 2010, unless they meet specific criteria and are approved for an exemption. If a student was in a program prior to the changed requirement (prior to the Fall of 2010) and continues to be in the same program, that student will not need to take FYE 101.

An incoming student is defined as a student who was not previously enrolled or has a lapse in enrollment at NDSCS and is enrolling in NDSCS for the current term, thus placed under the current catalog’s requirements.

Pathway Students
The Pathway students in Fargo do not need to enroll in the FYE 101 course because they live on the NDSU campus and take the NDSU UNIV 189 Skills for Academic Success course.

Exemption for FYE 101
All freshmen are required to take FYE 101. If a student wishes to apply for an exemption from the FYE course, they will need to complete the FYE 101 Exemption Request Form. Effective Fall 2012, an incoming student must meet one of the following criteria to be considered for exemption:

  1. I already have a degree.
  2. I completed a similar course at another college AND have a successful academic history.
  3. I have completed 24 credit hours at another institution and maintained a 2.0 or better GPA.
  4. I am a non-degree seeking student. (Note: Exemption criterion will be reviewed if student’s degree seeking status changes in subsequent semesters.)

Students must submit this form by noon of the last day to add a semester class in the student’s first semester at NDSCS.

Early Entry Credits
Students with only credits earned through Early Entry would not qualify for exemption.

Appeal Process
If you do not meet the above criteria or you were initially denied, additional consideration may be given to students with substantial, proven success skills. To apply, students will fill out the appeal form and submit it to the FYE Exemption Committee fully explaining how they meet the student outcomes for the class. Turn in the form and supporting documents to the Director of Student Success and Career Services by noon of the second full day of classes in the student’s first semester at NDSCS.

Students who fail FYE 101
Students who fail FYE 101 will need to retake the course until they pass. Students should also set up a meeting with the Director of Student Success and Career Services during the following semester.