Dual Credit Application & Registration Processes

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Dual Credit Application Process

You may apply for admission in two ways:

  1. PowerSchool Application

    • Application for Admission/High School Transcript
      • If you have never taken classes with NDSCS or have had a lapse in enrollment, you will need to 'Apply for Admission' to NDSCS and send your high school transcript electronically. 
        • From the student's PowerSchool account, go to ND EdPortal by clicking the  icon in the upper right.
        • Once in the EdPortal, click on the tab with student's name to view these tabs.
        • Use the ND College Application tab to complete the NDSCS Application for Admission
        • Pay the $35 one-time non-refundable application fee if applying for the first time
        • Once you submit the application your high school transcript will be electronically sent to NDSCS
  2. NDSCS Application (if you do not have access to PowerSchool, use this application)

    • Application for Admission
      • If you have never taken a class with NDSCS or have had a lapse in enrollment, you will need to Apply for Admission online at NDSCS.edu/DualCredit. Use the 'Apply for Admission' link on the left-hand side.
        • When applying, please select 'Early Entry Student' as Type of Admission
        • When choosing a major, please select 'Non-Degree'
        • Pay the $35 one-time non-refundable application fee if applying for the first time
Dual Credit Course Registration

Complete the Course Registration Form

  • This form must be signed by both the student and parent/guardian. Return the form to the high school official or email to

  • It is recommended that students have a minimum GPA of 3.0 — Students who request enrollment in Dual Credit who do not have a GPA of 3.0 will be reviewed on an individual basis.
  • Attach a copy of ACT scores if taking an English Composition or Math class. If you do not have ACT scores, you will need to schedule a placement test. (Required ACT scores - 18 English and Reading, 21 Math)

NDSCS no longer sends or receives paper copies of the FERPA form. Students will need to complete a FERPA form through the online CampusConnection. Students will not be able to access CampusConnection until they have submitted their application. 

A completed FERPA form will allow NDSCS to speak to parents/guardians/school officials about academic and financial records.

Online and IVN Courses

  • Once enrolled in a class, students will receive an email from our Distance Education office with instructions on how to activate their accounts and complete the FERPA form. 

Face-to-Face Courses in the High School

  • Once the application is submitted and processed, students can activate their electronic accounts & complete the FERPA Form (Steps 1-3 below)
  1. Get your NDSCS Student ID Number (EMPLID)
    • Go to https://ndscs.edu
    • Click on CampusConnection near the top of the page
    • Click on Campus Solutions Guest Page on the right-hand side of the screen
    • Click on Help Center tile
    • Click on Find my EMPLID
    • Complete the form — National ID is SSN, use the Calendar to select your date of birth (DOB)
    • Your EMPLID will display on the next page
  2. Claim your University System/Campus Connection Account
    • Go to NDUS.RightAnswers.com/portal/ss
    • Click Claim My Account button
    • Click Claim your NDUS Account under the Chancellor's Greeting
    • Enter your EMPLID and DOB in the form
    • Click Continue
    • The screen will display your NDUS User ID (Username)
    • Click Continue
    • Enter and confirm your new password
    • Click Save
    • Provide information requested for recovering your password
    • Click Save
  3. Complete the FERPA Form
    • Sign into CampusConnection (User ID and Password required)
    • Select the NDSCS eForms tile
    • Select Enrollment Services on the left hand side
    • Select FERPA Release Form
    • Complete the form and Submit