All vehicles parked on College property (Wahpeton and Fargo) must visibly display a current and valid NDSCS parking permit. All permits must be renewed at the beginning of each school year.

  • Parking permits are non-transferable (cannot be sold, gifted, traded, or shared with others) and non-refundable.
  • Purchase of a permit does not guarantee a parking space in a specific lot.
  • Permits must be visible and hung forward-facing from the rearview mirror or taped in the lower left corner of the windshield.
  • Falsifying registration information, reproducing, altering, transferring, and/or using a permit purchased by another student or employee may result in revocation of the permit and disciplinary action.

Permits are property of NDSCS and may be invalidated, revoked, canceled, or recalled with cause.

Parking Assignments by Permit

Student (S Permit) Students Residing in Residential Halls or Off-Campus

  • Parking allowed in most lots except for Lot 6, East Drive, Center Drive and West Drive

Housing (H Permit) Students Residing in NW/SE College Complex or College Townhomes

  • Parking allowed in all lots except for Lot 6

Employee (E Permit) Employees

  • Parking allowed in all lots except for Lot 12

Visitor Parking: Lots 9N, 9S, and designated areas on the North end of the Main Oval, on the South side of Mildred Johnson Library and on the south side of Mayme Green Allied Health.

  • Students and employees are not allowed to park in visitor areas for any reason.

Student Parking Permits

Student parking permits are purchased online through CampusConnection.

Purchased permits can be picked up:

  • Wahpeton NDSCS Police Department, Hektner Student Center, Room 154
  • NDSCS Fargo reception desk, main entrance.

Student Permit Prices:

  • Full-Time Student (12 or more credit hours; online or in-person): $74
    A second permit may be purchased for $37.
  • Part-Time Student (11 or less credit hours; online or in-person): $37
    Part-time status will be verified by NDSCS Police staff. Adjustment to final charges will apply if wrong permit is purchased online. 
  • Motorcycle/Scooter/Moped: $8
    Permit allows parking on campus from April 1 - November 1. There is a designated area on the South side of Lot 4. 
  • Housing Relocation:
    Moving from a residence hall to a College apartment/townhome requires a permit specific to the adjacent parking lots. Visit NDSCS Police to switch permits at no cost. 
  • Pathway Students
    Valid NDSU parking permits are honored at NDSCS Wahpeton and NDSCS-Fargo.
Employee Parking Permits

Non-student employee parking permits available online through Employee Self Service.

  • Employee Parking Permit Prices:
    • Level 1: Part-time (non-benefited) employees = $35
    • Level 2: Salary up to $39,999 = $50
    • Level 3: Salary from $40,000 - $64,999 = $74
    • Level 4: Salary from $65,000 - $74,999 = $99
    • Level 5: Salary from $75,000 - $99,999 = $125 
    • Level 6: Salary from $100,000 and up = $175

Reserved Parking Space: Standard permit cost + $125 reserved space fee. Employees utilizing payroll deduction are responsible for any unpaid balance due when employment ends. Unpaid permit balances will be deducted from the employee's final paycheck. 

NDSCS Parking Permit Terms and Conditions

Temporary Permits

  • Parking privileges may be issued by the NDSCS Police Department via a temporary permit at a cost of $1 per day or a visitor’s permit.
  • Temporary permits are valid for no longer than two weeks.
  • Temporary permits are valid only during the date(s) designated on the permit.
  • The permit should be displayed on the rearview mirror, with the permit number visible to parking enforcement officers. If the permit is not properly displayed, a $20 citation may be issued.

Invalid Permits

  • Invalid permits may include lost, stolen, canceled or expired permits.
  • Invalid permits may be confiscated by any reasonable method, by the NDSCS Police Department.
  • Any person who knowingly possesses a lost, stolen, canceled, or altered permit for the purpose of fraudulently obtaining parking privileges on NDSCS property may be subject to college disciplinary action and/or to penalties set forth in the North Dakota Century and Vehicle Codes (fine of $150).

Restricted Parking

  • Parking is prohibited in any yellow zone or tow zone or in any specially designated space.
  • Overnight parking is prohibited in the main oval and east oval.

Winter Restrictions

  • The City of Wahpeton has a Snow Removal Ordinance that takes effect November 1st – April 1st (enforcement begins at first significant snowfall). The ordinance prohibits parking on any streets, avenues, or city lots between the hours of 2 a.m. - 6 a.m.
Vehicle Registration Requirements

You may have more than one vehicle registered in your parking account and switch your permit between them as needed. Please report all license plate numbers to NDSCS Police.

  • Recreational Vehicles:
    • Must be stored on trailers, in vehicles or in designated areas indicated on the Parking Map. They may not be driven anywhere on College property.
  • Trailers:
    • Trailers must be registered with NDSCS Police and parked only in designated areas on the Parking Map.

Parking Map — Residential Halls (Lot 4)
Parking Map — NDSCS Apartments and Townhomes

Parking Violations, Penalties and Miscellaneous

    Any parking violation may result in a $20 fine for each violation, unless specified otherwise. Any violation of State Law or City ordinance is subject to the appropriate schedule of fines.

    Any person receiving a NDSCS parking citation must pay or appeal the citation within 10 calendar days of the date of issue. Failure to pay or appeal the citation within 10 calendar days of issue will be considered an admission of the violation. A hold will be placed on the student accounts until fines are paid.

    Payment of citations issued by the NDSCS Police Department will be the responsibility of the registered owner of the permit or the registered owner of the vehicle.

    A partial list of violations follows:

    • Parking in area designated (No Parking midnight to 7 a.m.): $20
    • Parking in handicap zone: $100
    • Parking in visitor zone: $20
    • Parking in service vehicle zone: $20
    • Time Zone Violation: $20
    • Parking on grass: $20
    • Parking in Wrong Area: $20
    • No Permit Displayed/Improperly Displayed: $20
    • Expired Permit: $20
    • No Parking Zone: $20
    • Improper Parking: $20
    • Staff/Employee Only: $20
    • Parked in a Reserved Parking Area "Customized Training": $20
    • Parked in a Personal/Reserved Space (subject to tow without prior notice): $20
    • Impound Fee (assessed to all vehicles towed): $75
    • Boot Removal Fee: $40
    • Vehicle Unlock Fee: $10
      Operator must sign a release of liability form prior to any attempt by NDSCS Police to unlock a vehicle.

    Tow/Impound Fees

    If a vehicle is towed it will not be returned to the owner until all fines are paid in full including the tow and impound fee. NDSCS Police Department personnel must be provided with a receipt from the towing company showing payment in full. A hold will also be placed on the student account until all fines are paid in full. No new permits will be sold to anyone until all unpaid fines are paid in full. For employee collections the President or appropriate Vice President will also be notified.

    Auto Boot/Immobilization

    Auto booting is a means of controlling and decreasing the number of habitual parking violators on the NDSCS campus. The auto boot attaches to the front or rear tire preventing the movement of the vehicle. The auto boot will be applied to a vehicle after the receipt of the third unpaid parking violation. A brightly colored warning sticker will be applied to the driver side window, alerting the owner that the auto boot has been applied. If the owner has not contacted the NDSCS Police Department to have the boot removed within 3 business days, the vehicle will be towed. The owner will be responsible for paying the towing charge, impound fee and boot removal fee.

    The auto boot will be removed after all NDSCS parking fees are paid in full (parking fines and auto boot removal fee of $40) or a satisfactory payment agreement is made with the NDSCS Police Department Supervisor. Tampering with, damaging, or removing the parking boot is punishable criminally under North Dakota Century Code 12.1-21-05 (Criminal Mischief).

    Extensive Vehicle Repairs

    No motor vehicle shall be parked or left standing in any parking facility in order that extensive repairs may be undertaken on it, when such repairs cause the vehicle to remain in the parking lot for more than 72 consecutive hours. Emergency repairs of short duration are acceptable.

    In cases of hardship, a special permit may be obtained upon approval by the NDSCS Police Department.

    Parking Regulations

    Any additions or changes to the regulations during the academic year will be sent out through all-campus email to your NDSCS email account. An all-campus voice mail message may also be given, and any other method deemed appropriate to reach the greatest number of people. Questions should be directed to the NDSCS Police Department at 701-671-2233 or ext. 3-2233, 24 hours a day.

    Paying a Parking Citation

    Parking citations can be paid online as follows:

    Students - Through Campus Connection by following this path: Student Self Service>Parking>Parking Portal>Log in>Pay Citation.

    Faculty/Staff – Through HCM Self Service by following this path:  Self Service>Miscellaneous>Parking>Parking Portal>Log in>Get Permits

    You can also pay in-person at the NDSCS Police office in Wahpeton or the Front Reception Desk at the Fargo location.

    Parking Citation Appeals

    All parking citations must be appealed online within 10 calendar days of ticket issuance. The Parking Appeals Board meets once a week at the NDSCS Police office in the Hektner Student Center, Room 154. Parking tickets must be appealed by using the online appeal form.

    The appellant is informed of the hearing decision by email when not appearing in-person. All decisions are final and binding. If you choose not to appeal a parking citation, you will be responsible for payment of that citation.

    Safety Escort Services

    The NDSCS Police will provide free safety escort services for students and staff on the Wahpeton campus to and/or from vehicles, residence halls or work-study positions, upon request by calling 701-671-2233 or ext. 3-2233.