Satisfactory Progress

Federal regulations require that schools participating in federal financial aid programs determine if students, whether they are receiving financial aid or not, are progressing through their programs of study in a satisfactory qualitative academic manner, and at a satisfactory quantitative rate of progress. If a student does not maintain Satisfactory Progress according to the guidelines defined below, the student will be placed on Financial Aid Warning. Students on Financial Aid Warning have access to any aid which they are eligible for during that semester. If the Satisfactory Progress guidelines defined below are not met during the warning period, a student will then be placed on Financial Aid Disqualification, which terminates eligibility.  The student will be notified by email if they are placed on Financial Aid Warning or Disqualification.

Qualitative Academic Standard:
In accordance with the North Dakota State College of Science Academic Standards, students are expected to maintain a grade point average that is equal to or greater than the college's minimum requirements as stated in the College Catalog. At the conclusion of each semester, including the summer semester, the current and cumulative grade point average including all transfer credits will be evaluated for all students at North Dakota State College of Science. Special GPA, including transfer credits, must be at least 1.5 after one semester, 1.75 after two semesters, 1.86 after three semesters and 2.0 thereafter.

Quantitative Rate of Progress:
Maximum Time Frame: Students must complete their program within 150 percent of the published length of the program. Minimum percentage of completed hours: Students are required to successfully complete 67 percent of their attempted credit hours. At the conclusion of each semester, including the summer semester, this percentage will be calculated for both cumulative (including all transfer credits) and current credits. Credit hours attempted per term will be determined by the registered number of credits on the census date (8th class day) including course repeats. Credit hours completed per term will mean those credits for classes in which a student received a passing grade of A, B, C, D or S. Credit hours not completed include classes with Grades of F, I, U, W, AU or NR. Once a student has registered, it is especially important to evaluate any decision to drop credits. NOTE: Academic Warning, Probation or Suspension are not the same as Financial Aid Warning, Probation or Disqualification.

Criteria for Re-establishing Eligibility:
Students who have been determined ineligible for Federal Financial Aid due to satisfactory progress may re-establish satisfactory progress and regain eligibility by satisfying one of the following conditions:

  • Complete one semester of at least 6 credits with a minimum of 2.0 GPA and 100% completion without financial aid. Student would then need to file an appeal to request reinstatement of financial aid.
  • Complete course work to remove “Incomplete” from the transcript if all other Satisfactory Progress requirements are met. Student would then need to file an appeal to request reinstatement of financial aid.
  • Students may re-establish eligibility following a three-year (3) period of non-enrollment at the State College of Science. Student would need to file an appeal to request reinstatement.
  • Students may appeal to re-establish financial aid eligibility on the basis of extenuating medical or emotional circumstances. Examples of situations that would be acceptable include hospitalization, illness, depression, and death in family. Situations that are not acceptable include working too many hours, changing majors, or dislike course material or instructor. Such appeals will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. If an appeal is approved, the students eligibility for financial aid will be reinstated.
  • Students may appeal to establish eligibility for exceeding 150% length of program due to change of program or transfer credits that do not apply to current program.

Students who re-establish eligibility for financial aid will receive that aid on a plan of study status hereafter. The Satisfactory Progress requirements must be met each semester after appeal in order to remain eligible.

Exceptions to the Suspension Policy:
Any student who received a term GPA 0.00 (F or I in all courses attempted) will automatically be placed on Financial Aid Disqualification and will not receive a Financial Aid Warning period. Any student whose enrollment is canceled administratively due to non-attendance, or withdraws from all classes in a semester will automatically be placed on Financial Aid Disqualification. Any student who does not meet a cumulative 2.0 Grade Point Average at the conclusion of their fourth semester and thereafter will be placed on Financial Aid Disqualification, without a Financial Aid Warning period.

Appeal Process

If placed on Financial Aid Disqualification, an appeal form is available at the Financial Aid Office or by downloading the form below. The appeal must be submitted along with supporting documentation to be considered. Appeals without supporting documentation will be returned to student. An appeal for reinstatement of eligibility should be submitted as soon as possible to insure financial aid availability at the time of fee payment.