Land Acknowledgement

NDSCS acknowledges that we occupy the sacred ancestral lands of the First Nations cultures of North Dakota. Without them, we would not have access to our gathering, dialogue, and learning spaces.

Printable Land Acknowledgement Poster

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a land acknowledgement?

A land acknowledgement is a formal statement that recognizes and respects the Indigenous Peoples as traditional stewards of this land.

Why a land acknowledgement?

NDSCS recognized the importance of establishing an official land acknowledgement statement as a way to expand inclusivity.

Recognizing land allows for the creation of a safe space, open dialogue, and community building. It is a way to acknowledge, appreciate, and respect the land we meet on while also recognizing the Indigenous Peoples (past and present) who live and work the land.

When/where should this land acknowledgement be used?

A land acknowledgement is usually verbally given before the start of a large gathering or special event. The NDSCS land acknowledgement was also crafted for written materials, e.g. graduation programs, syllabi, etc.