Welding Technology

Welding Tech

The Welding Technology program at NDSCS-Fargo is designed to provide you experiences in welding as it pertains to assembly, manufacturing, energy and construction.

The program provides education and training in common welding processes, robotics, CNC plasma cutting, CNC press break operations, inspection, print reading, fabrications, pipe and plate welding, automated manufacturing and more.

NDSCS is an American Welding Society S.E.N.S.E. certified facility. AWS Level I and Level II certification is available. The NDSCS Welding program is an educational partner with Weld-Ed, the National Center for Welding Education and Training.

Upon completion, students will be awarded a certificate or Associate in Applied Science degree in Welding Technology.

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Contact a Fargo Admissions Representative at 701-231-6935.

First Semester: Welding Technology (Certificate)
Course # Name (credits)
WELD 151 Welding Theory I (3)
WELD 153 Welding Lab I (5)
MFGT 123 Fabrication Methods I (2)
MFGT 137 Print Reading I (2)
MATH 130 Technical Mathematics (2)
FYE 101 Science of Success (1)
CIS 101 Computer Literacy (2)
Second Semester: Welding Technology (Certificate)
Course # Name (credits)
WELD 152 Welding Theory II (3)
WELD 154 Welding Lab II (5)
MFGT 101 Robotics I (2)
MFGT 135 Basic Metallurgy (2)
PSYC 100 Human Relations in Organizations (2)
Third Semester: Welding Technology A.A.S.
Course # Name (credits)
WELD 201 Welding Theory III (4)
WELD 211 Welding Lab III (7)
MFGT 140 Fabrication Methods II (2)
MATH 132 Technical Algebra I (2)
ENGL 110 College Composition I (3)
Fourth Semester: Welding Technology A.A.S.
Course # Name (credits)
WELD 202 Welding Theory IV (4)
WELD 212 or WELD 213 Welding Lab IV: Pipe/Plate or Welding Lab IV: Fabrication (7)
MFGT 141 Print Reading II (2)
MATH 136 Technical Trigonometry (2)
HPER Wellness Elective (2)
ENGL 105 Technical Communications (3)