Frequently Asked Questions

What is NDSCS’s response and plans regarding COVID-19?

NDSCS is focused on reducing the risk and spread of COVID-19 while fulfilling our mission. Through thoughtful and responsive planning, NDSCS is effectively managing the COVID-19 situation. We are consistently communicating with and encouraging all community members to practice personal prevention protocols (e.g. hand washing, reporting symptoms). Face coverings are required at NDSCS in all indoor spaces and outside when not able to physically distance. For more details about our response and plans, please visit

How safe is campus?

NDSCS is committed to providing students with a safe and secure environment that is free from threats, intimidation and violence.

NDSCS Wahpeton

  • NDSCS Police are able to respond quickly to calls since they are housed in the Hektner Student Center. They also work in conjunction with the Wahpeton Police Department to provide vehicle patrol 24 hours per day year-round.
  • Students are also able to access a free 24-hour escort service to ensure that they feel comfortable and safe while moving around campus and the NDSCS-Fargo location.


  • Various safety and security measures are taken to keep the NDSCS-Fargo location safe and secure. Faculty and staff are trained on emergency response protocol.

If safety or security warnings are necessary, announcements are displayed throughout campus and are sent to students through the NotiFind system.

For additional information, click here.

Do new students need a computer?

There are several computer labs located throughout campus that students are welcome to use; however, if you do choose to purchase a computer, here are some things to consider:

How much do you want to spend?

There isn't a huge difference between $300 and $1,500 computers anymore as they have become much more efficient. However, there are a few programs that require a laptop. For more information on if a program requires a laptop, click here and select your program from the drop-down list of options.

Size and Weight

Many students enjoy larger monitors, but keep in mind the size and weight of a laptop since your student will be carrying it around campus.

Laptops Sold through NDSCS
  • To find out specifications on the different types of laptops sold through NDSCS, click here.

  • A 3 year warranty is included, which includes the ability to use a rental unit until the computer is fixed or replaced if needed.
  • Free technical support through NDSCS.
  • Using Financial Aid to Cover the Cost: After verifying that your student will have sufficient funds available, he/she can put $200 down to reserve the computer and then use the overage money (what your student receives from the Business Office after using any financial aid, including scholarships and grants, to cover all costs charged to their Financial Aid account like tuition, fees, housing, tools, textbooks, etc.) to pay the rest of the cost of the computer. The computer is given to the student once payment is received in full.
MS Office

MS Office is provided free of charge if your student has an NDSCS email account, which every student has! This includes MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access.


There are printers located in computer labs throughout campus for student use.

Color printing is available through NDSCS Print Services for a small fee. For more information, visit Print Services.

Can we use financial aid to cover the purchase of a computer?

In some cases, yes; in other cases it will depend on other costs (tuition, fees, housing, tools, textbooks, etc.).

If a laptop is required for the program, the cost will be a part of your budget and considered for financial aid.

If a laptop is not required for the program, students can request a computer add-on to their budget. After all other costs (tuition, fees, housing, tools, textbooks, etc.) that have been charged against financial aid are covered, the remainder will be given to the student and may be used to purchase a computer.

  • Students provide Financial Aid with a reasonable estimate for the laptop and can include the cost of a case to protect the computer.
  • Purchasing a computer through NDSCS is also an option (through our IT Service department located in the Hektner Student Center). Benefits of purchasing through NDSCS include a 3 year warranty and free technical support including the use of a rental unit if necessary. For additional information, click here.
How do I get books and/or tools for my student?

You can purchase books and/or tools and general merchandise for your student through the NDSCS Bookstore. Reserving your books online before picking them up will save time. If a student is registering during the spring or summer, many of the textbooks are not available until the start of school.

The Bookstore will also be able to provide a complete list of tools needed for a program. Some tool kits need to be reserved prior to the start of the semester; check with the Bookstore for more details.

Should I send money to school with my family member?

If your student is receiving financial aid, it will not be available until approximately 30 to 45 days after the start of school. In addition, if your student is working on or off campus, he or she may not receive a paycheck for a period of time. You may want to consider opening a local savings or checking account or providing your student with a check card.

Can students bring a vehicle to campus?

Yes, students may bring a vehicle with them to campus.

A current and valid NDSCS parking permit is required and must be appropriately displayed on all vehicles parked anywhere on the Wahpeton and Fargo NDSCS campuses. Permits are available online through CampusConnection, in the NDSCS Police office in the Hektner Student Center and at the main Reception Desk at NDSCS Fargo.

For costs and more information click here.

How do I find out my family member's housing assignment?

Housing assignments are available in mid-July for the Fall semester and end of December/early January for Spring semester. You can find out your family member’s room assignment, roommate/suitemates and dining plan by having him/her log into CampusConnection.

For step by step instructions on how to view your room assignment, click here.

What are the rules/expectations students have to follow?

Students are expected to know and understand their rights and responsibilities, which are spelled out in the Guide to Student Rights & Responsibilities that students learn about during Orientation.

How do I know if my student is attending class?

The Family Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) prevents NDSCS from releasing information about your student unless the student has signed a release of information form. If you would like to receive information regarding your student, including academic and financial information, please have your student complete the online FERPA release form.

What should I do if my student is having problems in class?

Encourage your student to contact the instructor, his or her advisor, or the Student Success Center (701-671-3000). They can help your student by providing assistance, recommending student support services or discussing the next step in the process. There are many student services available free of charge to assist students personally, academically and vocationally.

What should I do if my student is thinking about quitting school?

If your student is thinking about quitting school, please encourage him or her to contact the Student Success Center to discuss their decision with an academic counselor. The academic counselor will be able to discuss options for the student, provide career counseling and assessment, and/or refer the student to appropriate offices. You may also want to contact the Business Affairs Office and Financial Aid, as withdrawing from classes or school may affect their financial aid and account balance.

What should I do if my student is having problems with their roommate?

If your student is having problems with his or her roommate, he or she may visit with the resident assistant on the floor of his or her residence hall, the resident director of that hall or visit the Residential Life office in Riley Hall Room 130.

What should I do if I cannot get in touch with my student?

If an emergency should arise and you need to reach your student during school hours (Monday-Friday, 7:45 a.m. - 4:45 p.m.), you are encouraged to contact the Student Success Center for assistance in getting a message to your student. Call 701-671-3000.

If your student lives on campus and you have an emergency or are concerned for your student’s safety, contact Residential Life. Residential Life can be reached Monday-Friday, 7:45 a.m. - 4:45 p.m. at 701-671-2224.

After business hours, please contact NDSCS Police at 701-671-2233.

What student wellness services are available to my student?

If a student will be missing class due to illness, he/she can contact the Student Success Center at 701-671-3000 who will then pass this information on to the student’s instructors. Students are still expected to connect with the instructor as soon as possible. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the campus nurse if the illness is more serious or persists.

Campus Nurse

At NDSCS in Wahpeton, a campus nurse is available during business hours (Fall & Spring hours: M-Th 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m); Referrals are offered when needed. Confidential services as well as additional community resources can be found at

At NDSCS-Fargo, we have a list of referrals to provide the medical assistance students need.

Personal Counseling Services

A Licensed Clinical Social Worker is on staff. Appointments are strongly encouraged to ensure availability. These services are provided at NDSCS in Wahpeton with referrals to NDSU Community Counseling for student at NDSCS-Fargo.

Substance Use Prevention and Education Services

The NDSCS Wellness Coordinator provides one-on-one and/or group substance use education and programming to the NDSCS communities. The Wellness Coordinator can assist students with making healthy decisions regarding substance use and provides off-campus referrals if necessary.


All Student Health and Wellness services are free and confidential. Services are located in Riley Hall 113, by phone at (701) 671-2286, and by emailing

What is there for students to get involved with on campus? Are there events planned?

Yes. Events occur almost weekly at NDSCS in Wahpeton, including both educational and entertaining events for students to attend. Some events are scheduled during the evenings, some during the lunch hour and others throughout the day. There are even a few campus events that are open to the public while others are strictly for NDSCS students.

Encourage your student to get involved, try something new and go beyond his/her comfort zone by attending events, participating in athletics, and/or joining a club or organization. Ideally, we hope students are able to achieve a balance between schoolwork and social activities.

What are the important dates that we need to know?

View our academic calendar to keep you up-to-date on upcoming deadlines, holidays, etc. You can also subscribe to the calendar to ensure you always have the more current information.