Student Concerns & Comments

Your Voice Is Important!

As a student we want you to be able to easily report a concern, share a comment and make your voice heard.

General Concern Report

The purpose of this form is to keep North Dakota State College of Science informed about student incidents and/or student well-being concerns. In addition, this form may be used to inquire about resources from the student advocate. Upon completion of form, please click 'submit.'

Concern Report Form


NOTE: The NDSCS Concern Reports are checked regularly. However, if you need immediate assistance or if you feel yourself or someone else is in danger contact NDSCS Police at 701-671-2233 or Student Health and Counseling at 701-671-2319

General Student Concerns May Include:

  • Inappropriate behavior that made you/someone else uncomfortable
  • Harassment of you or another student
  • Hate speech directed at you or another person
  • Bias, bigotry, hate directed toward you or another person
  • You or someone you know needs assistance and are unsure where to go

Sexual Misconduct, Assault & Discrimination

Here at NDSCS, one of our goals is to provide information and resources to educate students about sexual assault prevention and awareness. We also strive to assist a survivor immediately after an assault.

Click here to report a sexual assault, discrimination or sexual misconduct.

Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Concerns

Are you concerned about your alcohol use and/or drug use? Or the use of those close to you? Various resources exist both on and off campus to assist you!

>> Alcohol & Other Drug Information
>> eCheckup To Go: Alcohol


Students struggling with marijuana use are encouraged to contact the NDSCS Counseling Center for free, confidential counseling services. For more information on marijuana and the effects on your body, click here

>> eCheckup To Go: Marijuana


Interested in quitting? Many resources are available in the community, on-line and on campus to support you.

>> Tobacco-Free Campus
>> eCheckup To Go: Tobacco

Temporary Medical Condition and Military Leave Procedure

NDSCS is committed to supporting the academic success of all students and recognizes that some life events inhibit this process or necessitate a temporary leave of absence. Examples of life events may include, but are not limited to, temporary medical conditions (conditions that are expected to be resolved in a matter of weeks or a few months, e.g., injury, severe illness, or recovery from surgery), pregnancy/parenting, and military leave. NDSCS will attempt to assist students dealing with unforeseen life events.

Please complete the Concern Report Form describing your situation and an employee of NDSCS will be in contact with you.

Complaints to the North Dakota University System office

The North Dakota State Board of Higher Education has delegated to North Dakota University System (NDUS) college and university officials authority and responsibility to resolve student and other complaints. Absent applicable law or policy establishing another remedy, the first step in resolving student or other complaints or grievances is to attempt to resolve the matter directly with the administration of the involved institution under established institution complaint or grievance procedures. Every NDUS institution is required to establish, publish, and enforce policies related to redress of complaints and grievances – NDSCS concern page provides this information for NDSCS. With limited exceptions, a student or other person who contacts the NDUS office regarding complaints regarding NDUS institutions will be referred to college or university officials responsible for resolving those matters.

For specific questions/concerns regarding this policy,  please complete the Concern Report Form describing your question, and an employee of NDSCS will be in contact with you.

Pregnant and Parenting

In compliance with Title IX, Title VII, and other state and federal laws, NDSCS prohibits discrimination against students and employees because of their pregnancy or parental status.  NDSCS supports its pregnant and parenting students and employees by providing appropriate accommodations, along with support for nursing mothers.

o   Know Your Rights:  Pregnant or Parenting?  Title IX Protects You From Discrimination At School

o   Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

Pregnancy Accommodations

Students who need assistance with academic adjustments related to pregnancy or childbirth may contact the Title IX Coordinator, Sandi Gilbertson, at 701.671.2904 – to learn about adjustments, family medical leave, and other accommodations that may be available. 

Lactation Support

NDSCS provides a lactation space for students who may be breastfeeding at each of our campus locations.  One is located in Old Main, 3rd floor (Wahpeton) and the other in Room 154C* (Fargo). 

Wahpeton Campus Map
NDSCS-Fargo Map

*This is a locked room. To utilize this space, visit the NDSCS Fargo Student and Administrative Services front desk.



Nurse-Family Partnership Program - Nurse-Family Partnership is an evidence-based community health program that empowers young, first-time expectant mothers create better futures for themselves and their babies.

Child Care

Women, Infants and Children - WIC is a nutrition program for pregnant and breastfeeding women, infants, and young children. WIC offers healthy food for proper growth and development and helps families choose healthier ways of eating.