Paying Your Bill

How do I find out what I owe?

Students have 24/7 access to their account through CampusConnection > Financial Account tile. Here, students can review their account activity, check their current balance and pay their bill. 

Students' billing statements are processed at the beginning of each month. Non-enrolled students will receive a paper statement. Enrolled students will NOT be mailed paper statements; instead a Billing Notification email will be sent to their NDSCS email notifying them that their electronic billing statement is available to view/print. In addition to an email, students may also elect to receive their Billing Notification via text message.

Semester Payment Due Dates

  • Fall 2021 - September 8, 2021 (extended hours in Wahpeton 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.)
  • Spring 2022 - January 26, 2022 (extended hours in Wahpeton 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.)
  • Summer 2022 - June 15, 2022

It is important to stay current with your account. A 1.75% monthly late fee will be assessed on balances 30 days and older.

Payment Options

Pay Online - Credit card, debit card^ and electronic check accepted through CampusConnection.

Pay in Person - Credit card, debit card^, cash and checks accepted.
Wahpeton: Haverty Hall room 139, 8 a.m. - 4:15 p.m. 
Fargo: Room 183, 8 a.m. - 4:15 p.m. 

Pay by Phone - Credit card or debit card^ accepted; contact Business Affairs at 800-342-4325 ext. 32216 or 701-671-2216.

Pay by Mail - Personal check or cashier’s check can be mailed to NDSCS Business Affairs Office, 800 6th St N, Wahpeton, ND 58076.

A $35 fee will be charged to all dishonored checks.

^No additional fees for credit card or debit card payments

Payment Plan - a plan can be set up for 4 installments or less and needs to include the students' remaining account balance as of the date the plan is signed. The plan needs to be paid in full by end of the semester and before students can enroll for future semesters or receive a transcript. A $50 non-refundable set-up fee will be assessed; however, no late fees will accrue as long as payments are made on time. Contact Business Affairs to set up payment plan.

Financial Aid - for students whose financial aid file is complete at NDSCS and they've accepted their aid through CampusConnection, funds will begin to be disbursed to their NDSCS account one day prior to the semester due date.  If the student is accepting loans for the 1st time, they must complete their Entrance Loan Counseling and sign their Master Promissory Note at before their loan funds will disburse to their account.

Third Party or Employer Funding - If an agency or business is planning to financially assist a student with their NDSCS account charges (not considered "Financial Aid"), they will need to complete the Third Party or Employer Funded Billing Authorization for each semester.

Refunds/Direct Deposit

Students may receive a refund for various reasons, such as excess financial aid, uniform credits, changes to their enrollment, etc. You may receive a refund but still owe money to NDSCS, since there are certain costs that financial aid cannot pay on your NDSCS account automatically; if that happens, you are expected to pay your remaining balance as soon as possible.

Receiving a Refund

Direct Depositto ensure refunds are received quickly and securely, all students are expected to sign up to have their refunds deposited directly into their bank accounts. (Signing up for Direct Deposit will only allow refunds to be deposited into the student’s bank account; it will not authorize NDSCS to take money out of their bank account.)  Students sign up through their NDSCS account at: Campus Connection > Financial Account tile > Direct Deposit.

Other Methods - If a student is unable to sign up for direct deposit, a paper check will be printed. Students can either pick up their check at NDSCS Wahpeton or request to have their check mailed out; items being sent through the U.S. Postal Service are currently taking approximately 5 days to reach their destination. A new request needs to be submitted each semester by completing the Sign up to Have Your Check Mailed Form found below. Refund checks should be cashed within 60 days of the date on the check, to reduce the risk of being lost or stolen.

Ways for Students to Grant Access to Others

Authorized User to Grant Online Payments - students can assign others as an Authorized User within the online payment system. The Authorized User is able to receive Billing Notification emails, view the student's monthly electronic billing statement and make online payments on the student's behalf.

Delegated Access (Proxy) - students can allow others to view their CampusConnection activity by giving them Delegated Access. The student is able to specify which areas of CampusConnection they want to delegate access to, including any of all of the following: financial aid information, costs, balances & payment history, student's contact information, class schedules, grades, to-do lists, holds & communications. NOTE: the person who receives Delegated Access, called a Proxy, will not be able to add/delete/change any information within CampusConnection on behalf of the student.

Financial Obligation Agreement (FOA)

Students will need to complete a Financial Obligation Agreement (FOA) through CampusConnection. By completing the FOA, the student acknowledges that they are aware of the financial responsibilities associated with enrolling for classes at the institution(s) they will be registering at.

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