Dining Plans

NDSCS Dining Services offers four different dining plan options to accommodate student needs.

All first-year students must live on campus and carry either a 160, 225 or 300 dining plan. All other students living in a residence hall are required to contract for one of the four dining plans. If you are required to have a dining plan and fail to select one, you will be assigned the 225 dining plan.

  • The 225 and 300 dining plans include $50 in Dining Dollars for use in the Wildcat Express or Wildcat Dining Room.
  • The 160, 225 and 300 dining plans include 10 guest/parent meals per semester
  • The 80 dining plan includes five guest/parent meals per semester.

All NDSCS dining plans are block plans. The total number of meals provided by the plan are for use during one semester only. Meals not utilized are forfeited and will not carry over to the next semester. Dining plans are unlimited access (each time you enter is a meal deduction from your plan) and all you care to eat.

NDSCS offers out-of-state students a substantial discount on tuition when they live on campus and choose a 160, 225 or 300 dining plan. Meeting these requirements allows students from all states and countries to pay the same final costs as a North Dakota resident. For more information about the out-of-state tuition discount, contact the Business Affairs Office at 701-671-2216.

2023-2024 Dining Plans

Dining Plan Number of Meals per Week on Average Cost per Semester Yearly Cost
300* 19 $2,406 $4,812
225* 14 $1,942 $3,884
160** 10 $1,576 $3,152
80*** 5 $908 $1,816



2024-2025 Dining Plans

Dining Plan Number of Meals per Week on Average Cost per Semester Yearly Cost
300* 19 $2,490 $4,980
225* 14 $2,126 $4,252
160** 10 $1,710 $3,420
80*** 5 $926 $1,852

*Includes: 10 parent/guest meals per semester, plus $50 in Dining Dollars for use in the Wildcat Express or Wildcat Dining Room.
**Includes: 10 parent/guest meals per semester.
***Includes: 5 parent/guest meals per semester.

Wildcat Bucks
  • Wildcat Bucks is a prepaid debit account that can be used at NDSCS Dining Services.
  • Parents may deposit money into a student's Wildcat Bucks account by sending a check to: NDSCS Dining Services/Hektner Student Center, 800 6th St. N., Wahpeton, ND 58076.
  • Remember to write the student's ID number on the lower left corner of the check.
  • Deposits may be refunded at any time. Please allow 7-10 days.
  • Use your Wildcat Bucks to receive a 5% discount on your purchase at either of the two Dining Services locations.
Dining Dollars

225 and 300 Dining Plans include $50 in Dining Dollars - a debit account that is prepaid by Dining Services. This convenience allows you to eat at anytime during the day - a full meal or a between-meal snack - at either Dining Services location. 

Dining Dollars are intended to be used by students who miss meals on their meal contract or who do not purchase a large enough plan to eat on weekends, but do stay on campus for an occasional weekend event.  

Dining Dollars are only available if you stay on the meal plan for the entire semester. Early withdrawal from a plan will terminate the Dining Dollars account and any Dining Dollars spent that semester will be deducted from your refund.  

If your Dining Dollars account balance runs low, you can deposit money into a Wildcat Bucks account. This account works the same as the Dining Dollars account.   

Contact Dining Services at 1-800-342-4325, ext. 3-2321 to learn more about starting your Wildcat Bucks account.