Possible Sanctions

Disclaimer: All decisions of responsibility and sanctions are made at the discretion of the Conduct Officer, specific requirements of some sanctions may be subject to change from situation to situation.

Written Warning

A written notice of a code violation. If the violation is repeated in the future, this will typically result in more severe sanctions.

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs Programming, Evaluation, and/or Testing

A student may be required to participate in alcohol and/or other drug programming as a result of participating in any incident involving the use or abuse of alcohol and/or other drugs.

Educational Writing Assignment

Based on the situation, your Conduct Officer may choose a topic that they feel it would be beneficial for the student to reflect on, and require that the student to complete a writing assignment based on that topic. All criteria set by the Conduct Officer (subject, topics, font, word count, page count, formatting) must be met, or the student may be required to redo the assignment.

Campus Service

A student may be required to complete a set amount of Campus Service hours, working with our Facilities Management team, in order to restore any damage/harm done to the community during a violation of the Code.


A fine may be issued to a student for an alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs violation. It is worth noting that all money from these fines go back to the College, in order to help us better serve students. For example, our typical $250 fine for an alcohol violation goes to our ATOD programming, to help educate students about Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs.


A student may be required to pay the cost of repair or replacement for any College or State property damaged or lost by the student.

Conduct Agreement

A Conduct Agreement is an agreement that is to be signed by the student, acknowledging that any further conduct violations could result in termination of that student’s housing contract and/or exclusion from any College housing or events.

Termination of Housing Contract

If an incident is serious enough, or if a student has multiple repeated conduct violations, it may be determined by the Conduct Officer that a student living in our residential facilities may have their housing contract terminated and that student would no longer be allowed to reside in the residential facilities on campus. If a student has their contract terminated due to student misconduct, the student will be responsible for all charges for the remainder of the contract period.

Exclusion from College Housing and Events

Due to serious conduct concern, a student may be excluded from all residential housing facilities (both residence halls as well as apartment complexes) and all student activities. This exclusion is permanent, and can only be appealed with the Executive Director of Student and Residential Life. If an excluded is found to be in any College housing facility or at any student event, that student will be subject to arrest and prosecution for criminal trespass.

Conduct Suspension

Conduct suspension is written notification that status as an enrolled student or registered student organization has been terminated. This termination is for a specified period of time not to exceed two academic years. In cases of crimes of violence, hate crimes, and/or Title IX-related violations, the Executive Director for Student and Residential Life may specify a longer period of suspension.

A student may not re-enroll at NDSCS during the period of conduct suspension.

The student’s eligibility for any refund of tuition/fees will be subject to the College’s normal withdrawal policy.

The notice of conduct suspension will include the conditions for readmission that must be met prior to application for readmission. A meeting with the Executive Director for Student and Residential Life or designee may be required prior to acceptance of the student’s application for readmission.

A withdrawal or drop of remaining credits will be effective date of suspension.

A student who has been suspended must vacate residence life facilities within the time frame established in the written notice of the conduct suspension. Termination of a license contract due to conduct will result in the loss of room rent for the remainder of the semester.

In addition to being ineligible for enrollment, a student is also ineligible for student employment with NDSCS.

A student who has been suspended is restricted from NDSCS property during the specified period of suspension. The student will also be required to obtain prior written permission from the Executive Director for Student and Residential Life before being on NDSCS property during the period of suspension. Approval is generally granted only to permit a student to conduct business related to the College.

Student organizations placed on suspension may have all rights and privileges revoked for the duration of their suspension. In order to regain all rights and privileges, the student organization is required to comply with and complete any and all sanctions and conditions.

Conduct Expulsion

Expulsion is a written notification that the student is permanently ineligible to return to the College. A withdrawal or drop of remaining credits will be effective date of expulsion.

Conduct suspension is a permanent conduct record, which means it may be retained indefinitely at the discretion of the Executive Director for Student and Residential Life, but not less than seven (7) years.

A student who has been expelled is restricted from NDSCS property indefinitely. Written requests for exceptions to this restriction may be directed to the Executive Director for Student and Residential Life or designee, however, approval is generally only granted for the purpose of conducting official College business.