Frequently Asked Questions

What is the FAFSA College Code for NDSCS?


Now that I have received my award notice what is my next step?

Review and accept your awards online as indicated on the email you received. Note: Your Financial Aid will not be processed until you have accepted your award online.

What if the amount of financial aid I was awarded is not enough?

There are a variety of alternative loan programs available to help you meet your expenses without having to rely on credit cards. Note: If you advance a grade level the end of a semester, notify the Financial Aid office, as you may be eligible for an increase in your Direct Loan.

What if I have an unusual circumstance(s) I would like to have reviewed?

Contact the Financial Aid office and request a special circumstance form for unusual circumstances or print a form. Complete and return the form to the Financial Aid office along with any supporting documentation required.

Should I notify the Financial Aid office of scholarships and other resources not listed on my award notice?

Yes, It is your responsibility to notify the Financial Aid office of any scholarships and/or resources not listed on your award notice. Prompt notification is important since we may need to adjust the aid you were previously awarded. If an over award does result, you will be responsible for repaying the amount that exceeds your need.

Could my award notice change?

The college reserves the right to make adjustments to your award at any time, based on additional information which may become available. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • All scholarships;
  • Residence hall waivers;
  • Vocational rehabilitation;
  • National Guard tuition waivers;
  • All veterans benefits;
  • Workforce Investment Act (WIA);
  • Changes resulting from verification; or
  • Change in enrollment status (to less than full-time).
Will my Pell Grant increase if I register for more credits later in the semester?

The amount of your Pell Grant will be based on your enrollment status on census date (8th class day) of each semester or at the time you become eligible for a Pell Grant after that date.

What is verification?

Verification is the process of checking the accuracy of the information you reported on your financial aid application. Approximately 30 percent of all applicants are selected for verification by the federal processor. If selected, NDSCS will notify you by mail and provide you with a list of the necessary forms that must be submitted. Note: Processing of your financial aid will not take place until verification process is completed.

Is there anything that could delay the disbursement of my financial aid once I have accepted my award?

Yes, if you:

  • Do not sign a master promissory note;
  • Do not complete entrance loan counseling;
  • Are not actively participating in at least 6 credits for most Federal and State aid.
I am not a resident of North Dakota. May I receive a state grant at NDSCS?

Most state grant programs do not permit a student to use their grants at out-of-state colleges. However, we encourage all students who are not residents of North Dakota to contact their state higher education commission, for information on grants from their home state.

When is financial aid disbursement?

Fall Fee payment is in September, Spring Fee payment is in January, and Summer Fee payment is in June. For further information, contact the Business Affairs Office at 701-671-2216.

What if I have child care expenses?

Contact the Financial Aid office and request a Daycare Supplement Form or print one and return it.