Collaborative Students

A collaborative student is one who is currently enrolled at more than one North Dakota University System (NDUS) institution for a particular term. The institution from which the student is earning a degree is considered the "home institution." The institution that supplies courses for a degree is considered the "host institution."

The collaborative process allows the home campus to combine credit from more than one NDUS institution for the purpose of financial aid. For the collaborative student, this process produces a single billing statement and an automatic transfer of your academic record from the host institution to the home institution.

To use this page to register, you must be planning to earn your degree from North Dakota State College of Science, but will be taking a course(s) at another NDUS institution within the same term. North Dakota State College of Science is your home institution and the other NDUS institution is your host institution. Therefore, you must be a fully admitted student and seeking a degree from North Dakota State College of Science.

Courses not Eligible for Collaborative Registration
  • Courses where the student has not met the prerequisites.
  • Courses within programs that have specific admissions requirements. These students, however, may be dually admitted at their home campus and NDSCS after meeting college admissions requirements.
  • Courses that would cause the student to have more than 20 semester hours within a term when combining home and host campuses credit totals.
  • Under certain conditions, students can appeal the decision.
No Authorization

NDSCS has chosen not to seek authorization to offer programs to collaborative students in certain states. Click here to learn more. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Collaborative Student Application Form

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