NDSCS Campus Police is dedicated to providing the highest quality police service to students, faculty, staff and visitors to our campus. With a primary mission of protecting lives and property, and the belief that people are our most valuable resource we are dedicated to building community partnerships and applying unique and innovative policing practices to the college environment.

NDSCS Police Department | Hektner Student Center | 701-671-2233

Office Hours: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday-Friday
If you need assistance outside those hours, call 671-2233 and an officer will be dispatched to assist you.


  • NDSCS Police Department: 701-671-2233
  • Wahpeton Police: 701-642-7777
  • NDSCS Concerns
Police Services

The NDSCS Police staff have full arrest powers and are licensed by the State of North Dakota. The NDSCS Police, in conjunction with the Wahpeton Police Department provide vehicle patrol 24 hours a day year-round. NDSCS Police report violations of campus regulations and enforce city and state laws. Initial criminal reports, investigations and most cases are developed for prosecution. All criminal reports taken by the NDSCS Police are filed through the Wahpeton Police Department. The Wahpeton Police Department regularly shares information with the NDSCS Police, regarding incidents occurring in the area surrounding the campus. The NDSCS Police are armed and maintain radio contact with the Wahpeton Police department through the Richland County Central Dispatch Center.

Student Security

Student Security (student employees under the supervision of NDSCS Police) assist NDSCS Police during the evening hours on the Wahpeton campus by checking exterior doors, vehicles parked in lots, and providing escort service to persons requesting it. NDSCS Police, or Student Security, lock campus buildings each evening. In addition, checks on exterior doors and interior public areas of buildings, as well as the campus grounds, are completed nightly.

Crime Reporting

The NDSCS Police Department encourages all people who are victims or witnesses to crimes, to report the information immediately to our office or the Wahpeton Police Department.

Warning Notices

NDSCS Police are responsible for distributing warning announcements when there appears to be a threat to the safety/security of persons on campus. Announcements are immediately displayed throughout the campus. Effective law enforcement involves a cooperative effort on the part of each member of the university community. All victims or witnesses to a crime on the NDSCS campus or at a University facility are strongly encouraged to report the crime immediately to the NDSCS or Wahpeton Police Department.


NDSCS Police officers are available by prior arrangement, to speak to campus groups or organizations on such topics as alcohol or other drug abuse, protection of property and personal safety. The NDSCS Police work in partnership with students, faculty and staff to promote a safe and secure environment conducive to excellence in teaching, learning and research.

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