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The NDSCS Esports Club is comprised of competitive team gaming, and will compete in scrimmages and other local and national tournaments throughout the season. NDSCS Esports competes against other 2-year colleges from across the country through the NJCAAE. 

What is “esports”?

ESports is the rapidly expanding world of competitive video games, encompassing a range of games and plots, played on a variety of platforms. In a typical match, players on opposing teams are pitted against one another to achieve a common goal. Players achieve this goal through dedication, teamwork, precision, dexterity, imagination and strategizing with their team members. Much like traditional sports, members of the esports club are required to attend and participate in practices and tournaments.

NJCAAE has 3 levels of competition:

  • Tier 1 “Premier series” competes against the best players from other teams
  • Tier 2 “Contender Series” For those that still want to compete
  • Tier 3 “Open Series” More relaxed, anybody of any age associated with the school can compete

New Equipment provided to esports competitors

  • 5 New PCs to perform the games we compete in at the highest level
    • GPU: NVIDIA RTX 4070
    • CPU: Intel I7-1300K
    • Alienware 360 HZ Monitors
    • Razor 8k Mice
    • HyperX alloy Keyboards

What games does NDSCS compete in?

NDSCS Esports currently fields teams in Overwatch 2, Rocket League, Rainbow 6 Siege, Fifa, Madden, Supersmash Bros and MarioKart. The titles they compete in may change from season to season based on student interest. Here is a list of games that NDSCS Esports can compete in.

Who is eligible to participate?

For competitive teams:

  • Any student who is enrolled full-time at NDSCS
  • Students must earn and maintain a 2.0 GPA
  • Students must own and maintain their own account for the games they will be competing in
  • In addition, competitive teams may have tournament-imposed restrictions on size of roster.  
  • In these cases, while team size will be limited, all interested in that game will have the ability to participate in practices and exhibitions as able.

How do I join?

  • Esports members are required to sign a Participation Agreement
  • Competitive Team members are required to participate in all team practices, meetings, and events/tournaments

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What is the cost?

NDSCS has established our “ESports Lab” with elevene NDSCS gaming computers provided for tournaments and practice, currently without charge to students. Students would simply need to pay for and maintain accounts with the games they are using.

How to watch:

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