After Hours Contact Information

On Call Duty Phone Numbers

  • Robertson: 701-640-5617
  • Nordgaard: 701-640-5456
  • Southside*: 701-640-9976
  • Apartments**:701-640-4872

*Southside includes Walton, Schulz, Forkner and Riley.
**Apartments include NW, SE and Townhomes.

Please call - DO NOT text. 

Reasons to call

  • I am locked out of my room/hall, and roommate is not around to let me in.
  • I have encountered a maintenance emergency.
  • I have immediate concerns about someone's health.
  • I have encountered a policy violation that requires attention of a staff member.
  • My neighbors still will not quiet down, even though I have asked them to.
  • Other emergencies requiring immediate attention.