Pathway Program

The Pathway Program is a collaborative program between North Dakota State College of Science (NDSCS) and North Dakota State University (NDSU) that prepares students for the academic rigors of college-level course work at a research institution.

Applicants who are not admitted to NDSU may be eligible to participate in the Pathway Program. Pathway students enroll in academic readiness courses and general education courses at NDSCS-Fargo, located adjacent to the NDSU campus, and a limited number of general education courses at NDSU. The academic readiness courses are designed to prepare students for the more rigorous course work required to earn a degree from NDSU. The typical student will satisfactorily complete two or three semesters of course work, including any applicable academic readiness courses, as well as a minimum of 24 transferrable college credits with an NDSU and NDSCS cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher prior to transferring to NDSU. Transfer students are typically ineligible for Pathway.



RSVP for your Pathway Registration Date

If you have been admitted to the Pathway Program and are eligible to register, click your preferred date below to sign up for Pathway Registration.


April 26 (Friday)

May 29 (Wednesday)

July 16 (Tuesday)

August 14 (Wednesday)


Welcome to the Wildcat Community


You’ve made the right choice by choosing NDSCS and we hope that the next 2-3 semesters will provide you with great academic success. NDSCS faculty, staff and administration look forward to welcoming you into the Wildcat community!

I've submitted a Pathway Intent Form...

Apply for Financial Aid

Financial aid is money to help pay for college including grants, work-study and low-interest loans. Aid can come from the U.S. federal government, the state or the college.

Disability Services Needs

Discuss criteria and procedures for opening a student file if you have academic or residential accessibility needs. An accessibility appointment may be scheduled at 701-671-2623 or or you can meet with the Accessibility Coordinator during New Student Registration.

To open a file at NDSU (you must do both to receive accommodations at both schools) click here.

I've been admitted to the Pathway Program...

Getting Started Guide

To find out more information about NDSCS-Fargo and NDSU, be sure to look at the resources below. 

NDSCS-Fargo: New Student Brochure

NDSU: New Student Guidebook

NDSU: You Belong Here

Activate Electronic Services

Once admitted, you can activate your electronic services. Completing this now will be helpful when you attend New Student Registration.

  • Make sure it is the student activating these accounts, using the student’s information.
  • Make sure you are able to remember your login information so you can access all of these accounts during New Student Registration.

Claim your University System/CampusConnection account – this is the system you will use to pay and view your bill, view your financial aid information, and complete the registration process. If you are a transfer student from another North Dakota University System institution, you will already have an account and can skip this step, unless you need to reset your password. You will be able to see both institutions with the same log in. 

Activate Two-Factor Authentication – this is to ensure security.

Access your NDSCS email – this is your campus email, which you should check frequently. Your NDSU and NDSCS email can be viewed on the same NDUS email account. 

Claim your NDSCS account – this allows you to log into NDSCS and NDSU computers on campus.

Go to to get started.

Apply for Housing & Dining at NDSU

Review NDSU’s Residence Hall Agreement for 2023-2024.

Complete the housing application by following the steps on NDSU’s housing website. While filling out your NDSU housing application, you will also select a dining plan.

Those not living on campus who are interested in a dining plan can visit this website for more information. If you are exempt from the on-campus living requirement, please fill out this form.

Register for Classes

The first part of your journey to becoming a Pathway student starts with attending a New Student Registration day. Once admitted, you will receive the invitation to get signed up for a New Student Registration day. All Pathway students must attend a New Student Registration day before beginning classes.

New Student Registration
During New Student Registration, you will meet with staff to discuss your academic plan and register for your first semester classes at NDSCS and NDSU. Additionally, you will gain information regarding academic expectations, campus activities, financial aid, how to be a successful student and other important support services.

Course Placement

Students are placed into Mathematics and English courses based on program requirements, transcript evaluation of college coursework, or qualifying placement scores (ACT, SAT, Pearson My FoundationsLab, ACCUPLACER). The intent is to appropriately place students into courses that are both challenging and for which they are adequately prepared.

Students may take the ACCUPLACER test if they do not meet placement requirements.

ACCUPLACER testing is built into the New Student Registration day; however, students are encouraged to take the test prior to their scheduled registration day if possible. To arrange testing, contact the NDSCS Test Center at 701-671-2256.

Course Placement Requirements

  • English 110
    • Students are not required to test if
      • ACT English score of 18 or higher taken within the last five years,
      • ACT combined English + Reading score is 35 or higher taken within the last five years,
      • SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW) score of 490 or higher taken within the last five years,
      • Pearson MyFoundations Lab Language Arts score of 70% or higher, or
      • ACCUPLACER score of 256 or higher taken within the last three years.
  • Mathematics
    • Programs requiring Math 103, 104, 105, 107, 110, or 210 do not require testing if
      • ACT score of 21 or higher taken within the last five years,
      • SAT score of 530 or higher taken within the last five years,
      • Pearson MyFoundations Lab Math score of 70% or higher, or
      • ACCUPLACER Next-Gen Qualified Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics (QAS) score of 255 or higher taken within the last three years.

Click here for information about the ACCUPLACER test, including what it is, testing locations, cost, and how to prepare.

For further questions, call the Student Success Center at 701-671-3000.

What to Do Before Coming to Campus/Starting Classes

There are a few things you may need to complete prior to coming to campus and/or starting classes if you haven’t already:

  • Ensure all final official transcripts have been received by Enrollment Services - MUST be received by your first day of classes. Questions: 701-671-2521. Send Final Transcripts to NDSCS — NOT NDSU. 
  • Ensure that Immunization Records (MMR, Meningococcal) have been received by Student Health Services (Questions call: 701-671-2286 or check with Enrollment Services). These need to be sent to NDSU as well. The NDUS State Board of Higher Education requires: two MMR Immunizations (Measles, Mumps and Rubella), immunity against meningococcal disease (for students 21 and younger; one dose after the 16th birthday) and TB testing for international students.
    • If you haven’t already submitted your immunization records, please bring a copy with you to New Student Registration or securely submit electronically
    • You can submit your immunization records to NDSU through secure file transfer
    • Deadlines for submitting immunization records:
      • August 1 – Fall Semester
      • January 1 – Spring Semester
      • May 1 – Summer Semester
    • For more information, including resources for finding your immunization records, click here
  • Contact your roommate to discuss who will bring what items (if applicable)
  • Purchase the following:
    • NDSU parking permit (NDSCS will not ticket cars with an NDSU parking permit) at this link
    • Textbooks and other course materials/supplies
    • Laptops
      • you can utilize NDSU and NDSCS campus computers if necessary
      • Please be aware of program requirements at NDSU and hours of computer labs
  • Sign up for Direct Deposit through CampusConnection.
Understanding Your Investment – College Costs and Financial Aid

NDSCS combines tuition and fees from both NDSU and NDSCS into one bill, which is paid to NDSCS.

  • For NDSCS classes, students are charged an NDSCS per credit tuition/one flat rate per credit hour, whether you are in-state or out-of-state.
  • For NDSU classes, students are charged tuition and fees based on their state of residence.
  • Room and meal plans are based on NDSU rates.

Estimated Educational Costs

Tuition and fees are due in early September for fall semester and early January for spring semester. Additional information about tuition and fees, as well as billing, is covered during an orientation and registration session. Your billing information will be sent to your campus email account.

It is important to know what college costs, how to pay for college and what steps students need to take in order to receive financial aid.

  • Apply for Financial Aid: Know where you are at in the Financial Aid process. Refer to ‘Steps to Apply’ at
    NOTE: Financial aid is awarded (approved) for the academic year, yet it's typically divided evenly between the fall and spring semesters. Keep this in mind when applying for aid, as only half of your award will pay towards your fall costs, and the other half will pay towards your spring costs.
  • Apply for Scholarships: Additional information is available at
  • Complete your Master Promissory Note, Entrance Loan Counseling and the Annual Student Loan Acknowledgment at You will need the FSA ID you used to complete the FAFSA.
  • Apply for Alternative Loans: You may not receive enough Federal Financial Aid for your costs at NDSCS. You will know if you will need additional student loans based on the Estimated Educational Cost printout you received at registration. A list of commonly used alternative funding sources is available at
  • Submit outside scholarship checks to the NDSCS Financial Aid office.
  • Submit Paperwork/Payments from Third Parties to Business Affairs, if applicable (ex. Military/Job Service/Voc Rehab/College Savings Plans).
  • Be sure you are prepared to cover your estimated costs for your first year. You received an Estimated Educational Cost printout when you attended registration, which included a first year estimate and an overall program estimate. If you are having difficulty finding enough funding to cover your first year costs, please visit with Business Affairs (payment plans, including toolkit payment options) or Financial Aid (additional aid options) prior to the start of classes. Additional information is available at
  • Be aware of the Semester Payment Due Dates which can be found at Your semester balance should be paid-in-full by these dates, unless other signed arrangements have been made with Business Affairs.


Helpful Links

  • Paying for College – this is the main page to learn about the cost of attending, paying your bill, refund deadlines for drops and withdrawals, financial aid, and more
  • Costs at NDSCS - Know Before You Owe – this is where you can find tuition and per-credit fees, housing and dining costs, the ND Residency Application and the Minnesota Reciprocity Application (for Minnesota residents to pay a special tuition rate)
  • Financial Aid – this is where you can find financial aid information including financial aid basics, how to complete the FAFSA, alternative loans, and more.
  • College Financing Plan (example) - retrieve your personalized college financing plan via CampusConnection > Student Homepage > Financial Aid > College Financing Plan
  • Paying Your Bill – this is where you can find information about semester payment due dates, how to find out how much you owe, payment options, third party or employer funding, refund and setting up direct deposit, and how to grant access to others.

The NDSCS Bookstore is owned and operated by NDSCS, and serves the college community by providing affordable textbooks, tools, course materials, and supplies to students.

  • View our online store where you can order almost everything you need to succeed at NDSCS — including clothing and gifts, course and school supplies, and textbooks!
  • Order your NDSCS textbooks online here!
  • Order your NDSU textbooks online here!
  • For more information about the inclusive access listed for some textbooks, click here
IT – Laptops

Some NDSU programs require a laptop and/or have other specifications to ensure compatibility and support for required software.

Additionally, any current NDSCS student can purchase a laptop from the college’s ITS department.

Click here to learn more about the laptops and support provided by NDSCS.

ITS staff will be available to answer questions or assist with purchases during New Student Registration days.


This is the system you will use to pay and view your bill, view your financial aid information, and complete the registration process including adding and dropping classes.

CampusConnection User Help - For step-by-step instructions for using CampusConnection

Student Employment

Learn about and apply for on-campus employment opportunities. Human Resources staff will be available during New Student Registration to answer any questions.
Student Employment Opportunities at NDSCS
9 Steps to Pay Day
Identification/Bank Information needed to work at NDSCS
Student Employment Opportunities at NDSU via Handshake

Academic Support Resources

Learn about the Student Success Center and Tutoring services available to all students. Your Success is our Priority!

NDSCS Resources


NDSU Resources

Student Wellness and Advocacy

NDSCS Student Wellness and Advocacy believes holistic health is essential for academic excellence. Our services support students' health and wellness education through outreach, support, and resources. All services provided are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL.

NDSCS Resources


NDSU Resources

Transferring to NDSU

Upon successful completion of the Pathway Program requirements, student will transfer to NDSU.

Transfer Requirements

  • Successfully completing all academic readiness courses
  • Completing 24 transferrable college credits
  • Achieving a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above between NDSU and NDSCS
  • Paying all outstanding bills related to college attendance

General education courses taken through NDSU and NDSCS will apply to NDSU degree requirements. NDSCS academic readiness classes will not apply to NDSU curriculum.

More Information

Pathway Program
1305 19th Ave N
Fargo, ND 58102

NDSU Office of Admission, Ceres Hall 114
NDSU Dept 5230
PO Box 6050
Fargo, ND 58108-6050
701-231-8300 or 800-488-NDSU

NDSU Department of Residence Life, West Bison Court
NDSU Dept. #5310
PO Box 6050
Fargo, ND 58108-6050
701-231-7557 or 800-572-8840

Resource List
Academic & Career Counselor NDSCS-Fargo 183B 701-231-6940  
Accessibility Support Services Old Main 230A 701-671-2623
Admission & Registrar Haverty Hall 101
NDSCS-Fargo 183F
Bookstore Hektner Student Center 101 701-671-2125
Business Affairs Haverty Hall 139
NDSCS-Fargo 183G
Career Services Old Main 130 701-671-2272
Community Counseling Services (provided by NDSU) NDSCS-Fargo 183B 701-231-6940  
Customer Service Desk Hektner Student Center 146 701-671-2401
Financial Aid Haverty Hall 101
NDSCS-Fargo 183G
Human Resources (Student Employment)

Haverty Hall 120
NDSCS-Fargo 183H

IT Service Desk Hektner Student Center 162
NDSCS-Fargo 106
Mail & Shipping Services Hektner Student Center - Bookstore 701-671-2125  
Military Benefit Assistance Haverty Hall 101 701-671-2204
NDSCS Police Hektner Student Center 158 701-671-2233
Student Life Hektner Student Center 146 701-671-2109
Student Wellness & Advocacy Riley Hall 113 701-671-2286
Student Services (Admissions,Records, Financial Aid, Business Affairs in Fargo) NDSCS-Fargo 183G 701-231-6937  
Student Sponsorship Haverty Hall 101 701-671-2234
Student Success Center Old Main 130 701-671-3000
Test Center (Accuplacer Testing)

Old Main 230 (Wahpeton)
NDSCS-Fargo 183



Click here for the NDSU Resource List


If you have any questions, feel free to contact Student Success at 701-671-3000 or at

For directions on how to get to NDSCS in Fargo, click here.