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NDSCS Career Services is here to assist our current students, alumni, and employers. We strive to provide students with the knowledge, skills and resources necessary to be successful in their job search by helping them develop confidence and independence in reaching their employment goals.

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Handshake for Students (Job Posting Site)

Handshake is the number one place for NDSCS students to search for jobs, co-ops, internships and sponsorships. 

Log in to Handshake

Set up your Profile in Handshake

  1. Log in to Handshake with your NDSCS credentials (email ending in
  2. From the 'For You' page, click on your name on the left. Update the 'Education' section to reflect other schools you may have attended, your graduation date for NDSCS, GPA, etc. The job and internship search pulls from this information. 
  3. Under 'Organizations/Extracurriculars,' add all relevant information.
  4. Choose 'Skills' on the right.
  5. Add a bio with more information about yourself.
  6. Upload a current resume, unofficial transcript, etc. 
  7. Connect to your LinkedIn account and other social media. Be aware of what you have posted on those accounts that will be viewable to potential employers.
  8. Add relevant coursework and additional coursework that shows breadth.
  9. Add projects to let employers know what you have been working on.

How to Search for Student Jobs and Internships

Click the 'Jobs' tab at the top of your page.

Select the type of job you are searching for from the options circled in blue. 

Narrow down your results by using filters including location, industry and job function.

Under 'Filters' select 'Employer Preferences' to compare details from your profile (i.e. Majors, School year, Graduation Date, U.S. Work Authorization and GPA) to jobs that exactly match those specifications. Be sure you have all the information completed to use this feature.

Tips for Searching for Jobs

  • Make sure to 'favorite' jobs/internships as you review them. View those 'favorites' from the link on the 'For You' page or on the 'Jobs' page.
  • Save the defined search and receive email alerts whenever an employer posts a job that meets that criteria by selecting 'Create Search Alert' on the right side the 'Jobs' page.

Find Places to Work

Do research on employers by going to the 'Jobs' tab and selecting 'Employers from the blue bar across the top.

Student Career Resources

You’ll find quick links to Starfish (for making an appointment with our staff), information about cover letters, practice interviews, resumes, CV’s, networking, the job search, references, etc. 

Select 'Career Center' at the top right of your page and use the drop-down function to select 'Resources'.

Emails from Handshake

Check your clutter and junk folders and check them often. That's where a lot of the Handshake emails are going.

You can train your Clutter and Junk folders by moving your Handshake message from Clutter/Junk to your inbox. In addition, you might want to consider turning off your clutter folder.

Handshake Tip: check your 'notifications' in Handshake often.

Handshake for Employers (Job Posting Site)

Employers may post any part-time, full-time and internship positions on Handshake. We are grateful for the work opportunities you offer to NDSCS students, and we want to help you achieve your recruiting goals!

What is Handshake?

Handshake is a modern platform for college recruiting. Build your best, most diverse team ever! With Handshake, you can:

  • Access all of your campus recruiting needs in one platform
  • Increase student engagement
  • Manage all of your campuses with Handshake at no cost
  • Update your job postings and view applications on your mobile device

New to Hiring NDSCS Students?

Signing up is easy and takes less than five minutes. Go to the Handshake website. Click on 'No account? Sign up here'.

Log in to Handshake

Company Employer Profile

Complete the profile information. When you get to your company information, if your company is already listed, please add yourself as a contact. If your company is not listed, consider setting up a company that has your address, website and phone so students can research where they will be working.  Select "Create New Company."

Once you have set-up your log-in information and completed your employer profile, our office will review your request to have access to Handshake. 

  • If you are approved, you'll receive an email and from that point on you can enter jobs into the system. Our office also reviews jobs for content, and reserve the right to approve or decline.
  • If you are declined, you are welcome to connect with our office to ask about the reason why. Please reach out through Handshake or contact the Career Services office at 1-800-342-4325 ext. 3-3000 or
NDSCS Career Fair

NDSCS hosts an annual cross-discipline career fair with around 500 students and over 200 employers in attendance. 

Registration for the 2024 NDSCS Career Fair is open. 

NDSCS Career Fair

Career Café Sessions

Career Café Sessions allow students to learn about services provided by NDSCS Career Services. These drop-in sessions provide opportunities to learn more about: 

  • Handshake
  • Sponsorships
  • Cooperative Education
  • Resume Review/Mock Interviews

Career Café Information

Cooperative Education (Co-op)

A co-op offers students the opportunity to integrate career, social and personal development in to the educational process. It allows students to integrate classroom study with a paid work experience related to their field of study. It is recommended that a student has successfully completed one year of academic study within their program prior to completing a co-op.

Click the appropriate button below for more information on the NDSCS Cooperative Education Program.

Co-op Information for Students

Co-op information for Employers

Student Sponsorships

Sponsorships are designed to assist students with the affordability of their college education and assist businesses with recruiting and retaining qualified employees for industries that are experiencing a workforce shortage.

Sponsorship Information

Resume Review/Mock Interview

NDSCS Career Services assist students with job search preparation. This includes resume and cover letter writing, and conduct mock interviews.

Schedule Mock Interview or Resume Review

Click here for additional Job Search Resources.

Placement Report

The NDSCS Placement Report provides an annual report on job placement rates of our graduates. 

Although the Career Services office does not guarantee placement and employment depends on student records, initiative and recommendations – as well as state, regional and national economic conditions – the staff will do their very best to assist students and alumni with finding a career.

Placement Report