Communication Skills

Communication Skills

Instructional Area: Communication Skills (CO)

Standard: Understands the concepts, strategies, and systems used to obtain and convey ideas and information

Performance Element: Read to acquire meaning from written material and to apply the information to a task.

Performance Indicators:
Identify sources that provide relevant, valid written material (CO:054) (PQ)
Extract relevant information from written materials (CO:055) (PQ)
Apply written directions to achieve tasks (CO:056) (PQ)
Analyze company resources to ascertain policies and procedures (CO:057) (CS)

Performance Element: Apply active listening skills to demonstrate understanding of what is being said.

Performance Indicators:
Explain communication techniques that support and encourage a speaker (CO:082) (PQ)
Follow oral directions (CO:119) (PQ)
Demonstrate active listening skills (CO:017) (PQ)

Performance Element: Apply verbal skills to obtain and convey information.

Performance Indicators:
Explain the nature of effective verbal communications (CO:147) (PQ)
Ask relevant questions (CO:058) (PQ)
Interpret others' nonverbal cues (CO:059) (PQ)
Provide legitimate responses to inquiries (CO:060) (PQ)
Give verbal directions (CO:083) (PQ)
Employ communication styles appropriate to target audience (CO:084) (CS)
Defend ideas objectively (CO:061) (CS)
Handle telephone calls in a businesslike manner (CO:114) (CS)
Participate in group discussions (CO:053) (CS)

Performance Element: Record information to maintain and present a report of business activity.

Performance Indicators:
Utilize note-taking strategies (CO:085) (CS)
Organize information (CO:086) (CS)
Select and use appropriate graphic aids (CO:087) (CS)
Performance Element: Write internal and external business correspondence to convey and obtain information effectively.
Performance Indicators:
Explain the nature of effective written communications (CO:016) (CS)
Select and utilize appropriate formats for professional writing (CO:088) (CS)
Edit and revise written work consistent with professional standards (CO:089) (CS)
Write professional e-mails (CO:090) (CS)
Write business letters (CO:133) (CS)
Write informational messages (CO:039) (CS)
Write inquiries (CO:040) (CS)

Performance Element: Use social media to communicate with a business’s stakeholders.

Performance Indicators:
Describe the impact of a person’s social media brand on the achievement of organizational objectives (CO:205) (CS)
Distinguish between using social media for business and personal purposes (CO:206) (CS)

Performance Element: Communicate with staff to clarify workplace objectives.

Performance Indicators:
Explain the nature of staff communication (CO:014) (CS)
Choose and use appropriate channel for workplace communication (CO:092) (CS)
Participate in a staff meeting (CO:063) (CS)
Participate in problem-solving groups (CO:067) (CS)