Current Students

North Dakota State College of Science is committed to providing reasonable accommodations in courses, programs, services, and activities in a timely manner. NDSCS works together with students to identify reasonable accommodations that provide equitable opportunity to participate in educational programs.

  • Currently approved students with accommodations need to meet with the Accessibility Coordinator at least once each semester.

    To schedule a meeting with the Accessibility Coordinator call 701-671-2623 or email


NDSCS views all materials pertaining to a student's disability as confidential. All disability information for each student including documents and correspondence are considered confidential. Access to this information is on a need-to-know basis and only used to assure appropriate accommodations. Student information can be released to faculty members, staff or advisors who are currently working with a student, as this does not disclose the nature of disability.

Written materials

All written materials obtained by Accessibility Coordinator are:

  • Used to verify the disability and plan for appropriate accommodations.
  • Maintained in individual files and kept in a secure location available only to the Accessibility Coordinator or supervisor in their absence.
Students’ rights and responsibilities

Student rights:

  • Equal access to courses, programs, services and activities offered through NDSCS
  • Equal opportunity to learn and to receive reasonable necessary accommodations
  • Confidentiality of records and communication except where disclosure is necessary to arrange accommodations, required by law, or authorized by the student
  • The ability to self-determine whether to seek disability services and whether to disclose disability-related documentation and information
  • All rights and privileges afforded other students at NDSCS

Student responsibilities:

  • Meet qualifications and maintain NDSCS standards for courses, programs and activities
  • Self-identify as having a disability; seek information and assistance in a timely fashion
  • Document how the disability limits participation in courses, programs, services and activities
  • Follow NDSCS procedures for obtaining reasonable accommodations and services
  • Contact Accessibility Coordinator with problems or concerns as they arise
NDSCS rights and responsibilities

NDSCS rights:

  • Identify and establish essential functions, abilities, skills, knowledge requirements, and standards for courses, programs and services on which to evaluate students
  • Request and receive, current documentation that supports requests or accommodations and auxiliary aids and services)
  • Deny requests that lack sufficient documentation
  • Refuse unreasonable requests that would create an undue burden on or fundamentally alter a program, course or activity of NDSCS

NDSCS responsibilities:

  • When requested, provide information in accessible formats
  • Provide reasonable accommodations and services in courses, programs, services and activities
  • Maintain appropriate confidentiality of records and communication except where permitted or required by law or when the student requests that such information be shared
  • Work together with students, faculty and staff to resolve problems or concerns in the accommodation process