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Student Clubs & Organizations

The Science of Success begins here! To make sure you learn all you can, NDSCS sponsors over 30 student-run clubs and organizations. If you're serious about getting ahead in life, there's no better place than here to begin.

Club Advisor / Phone Email
Agri-Business Club Craig Zimprich / 671-2249
Allied Dental Club Mallory Regan / 671-2107
Auto Tech Club Peter Pfieff / 671-2545
Baseball Chris Kappes / 671-2449
Campus Activities Board Heather Nelson / 671-2404
Cru Leah Alsaker / 671-2947
Chef's Club BJ Whitmore / 671-2842
Civil Technology Club Jeff Jelinek / 671-2268
Seth Simonson / 671-2268

Clay Target Team Erin Johnson / 671-2278
Collegiate DECA Greg Anderson / 671-2172
Construction Design Technology Club Lara Lekang / 671-2592

Diesel Club Barry Frank / 671-2793
Drama Melissa Frank / 715-308-1878
Drone Club Seth Simonson / 671-2268
Electrical Club John Travis / 671-2783
Slade Fitzgerald / 671-2568
EMS Club Kyle Janssen / 701-231-6978
eSports Team Jake Ozoonian
Football Eric Issendorf / 671-2447
HVAC Club Mark Wood / 671-2797
Jeff Kukert / 671-2515
ICT Club (Information and Communications Technology) John Kroshus / 701-231-2115
International Society of Automation Lonnie Wurst / 671-2832
Slade Fitgerald / 671-2568
Jazz Band Dr. Adam Hollingsworth / 671-2871
Machinist's Club Lincoln Thompson / 671-2498
Media Squad Eric Price / 671-2109
Men's Basketball Stu Engen / 671-2446
NDSCS Ambassadors Hannah Franks / 671-2234
Occupational Therapy Assistant Club Missi Twidwell / 671-2685
Phi Theta Kappa Erin Johnson / 671-2278
Shannon King / 671-2296
Jeff Hart / 671-2342
Powersports Technology Club Luke Kasowski / 671-2544
Robotics Club Lonnie Wurst / 671-2832

Skills USA Mike Seedorf / 671-2101
Student Nursing Club Jeri Christiansen / 671-2640

Student Senate Eric Price / 671-2109
Dr. Jane Vangsness Frisch / 671-2627
Tabletop Gaming Club BJ Whitmore / 671-2842
Volleyball Jane Passa / 671-2445
Welding Club Vance Harthun / 671-2434
Wildcat Singers Bryan Poyzer / 671-2872
Women's Basketball Adam Jacobson  
Women's Softball Michael Oehlke / 671-2449
Annual Club Membership Form

All clubs are required to submit their officers and club roster to the Department of Student Life annually. This information is used for the NDSCS General Education Report.

Annual Club Membership Form

Service-Learning Project Proposal Form

Students' college experience can be greatly enhanced by providing a service to someone in need. All NDSCS recognized clubs and organizations must complete one or more service learning project(s) annually. Click on the Service Learning Project Proposal Form link below for complete guidelines.

Service Learning Project Proposal

Club Year-End Evaluation Form

All club advisors are required to submit a year-end evaluation of club activities. This information is used for the NDSCS General Education Report and to communicate with incoming students about the nature of this club.

Club Year-End Evaluation

Club Fundraising Application

No student fundraising activity may take place without prior Student Senate approval. Please click on the Club Fundraising Application link for complete club/organization fundraising requirements.

Club Fundraising Application

Club Fundraising Report

All clubs participating in a fundraising project must complete a report within two weeks of the project's completion.

Club Fundraising Report

Club Travel Funding Request Form

Use this application link to apply for club travel funding. Official NDSCS clubs and organizations may apply for funding for up to 3 trips per academic year.

Club Funding Request Form

Start a New Club

Have an idea for a new club or organization? We recognize our students unique interests and encourage you to start a new club if what interests you isn't currently represented in the list above. To create a new club:

  • Talk to NDSCS Faculty and Staff to identify a new club advisor (advisor must be full-time benefited NDSCS faculty or staff); then
  • Complete the Petition to Organize and Charter a New Campus Organization form.
  • Once complete, the form will be submitted to the NDSCS Student Senate and routed for official approval.

If you have further questions, please call Student Life at 701-671-2109.

Club Constitution & Bylaws Template

Club Risk Assessment

Clubs and organizations are encouraged to review the forms below to determine risk involved with club activities.

Risk Assessment Guide

Instructions Risk Management Worksheet