Wildcats Care Emergency Grant


The Student Emergency Fund provides financial assistance to North Dakota State College of Science (NDSCS) students who face sudden, unforeseen emergency or crisis situations. Funds are awarded in the form of gift cards to help alleviate short-term financial hardships. These gift cards are not intended to supplement existing financial aid and do not need to be paid back. The mission of this fund is to help students stay enrolled during a time of unexpected financial crisis.

Apply Here

  • Typically, students need be enrolled full-time at NDSCS (part-time students may still apply and could be awarded pending availability of funds).
  • Students must be experiencing an unexpected financial hardship resulting from an emergency or crisis situation that threatens their ability to successfully complete the current semester.
  • Students must demonstrate that they have exhausted all other possible financial resources before applying for student emergency funds, such as student loans, Medicaid, personal financial accounts, people that owe you money, and community resources.
  • Students must meet with a designated staff member prior to receiving emergency funds.
  • Student’s current academic standing and behavioral conduct history will be taken into consideration.
  • $500 maximum
  • Once/per student while enrolled at NDSCS
Follow-Up with Staff Member

Follow-up from a staff member will be done no later than 6 weeks after the funds have been distributed. This follow-up is to ensure the student is taking the proper steps to help alleviate any financial stress that remains after the emergency (a long-term action plan). Any additional guidance (non-monetary) the student needs will be given at this point.

What qualifies as an emergency situation?

Situations include, but are not limited to, accidents, medical or dental emergencies, natural disasters, travel emergencies, death of a family member, and/or need for temporary housing due to unanticipated events.

What is not considered an emergency situation?
  • Tuition, books, tools, uniforms, fees, and insurance
  • Parking Tickets or other fines (e.g. Conduct)
  • Entertainment, recreation, non-emergency travel
  • Non-essential household items or personal expenses
Fund Qualifications
  • Medical/Dental Expenses
  • Housing/Rent/Utilities
  • Food/Groceries
  • Emergency travel expenses
  • Automotive expenses (needed to stay enrolled and/or hold employment)
  • Replacement of books or other essential academic equipment/supplies
Application Questions
Application Questions
  • Name
  • Student ID
  • Academic Program
  • Contact Information
  • Describe current emergency or crisis:
  • Are you currently employed? If not, are you seeking employment?
  • Have you accepted all your available Financial Aid including grants and loans?
  • What is the fund amount requested?
  • How do you plan to use the funds?
  • Have you applied to receive a Wildcats Care Grant before?
  • Additional Application Materials: Must provide proof of financial need (e.g., billing statements, late notices, receipts, repair estimates, Doctor/Dental/Pharmaceutical bills, airfare/train information, automotive bills, official report of theft)

Will the information I share be confidential?
Yes, a team of three people from Student Success, Academic Counseling, and Financial Aid will review your application – the specifics of your situation will be kept confidential.

How long will it take for a staff member to contact me?
48 hours (unless offices are closed during that time)

What additional information will I have to provide?
This depends on the request, typically this could include: billing statements, late notices, receipts, automotive/home repair estimates, Doctor/Dental/Pharmaceutical bills, airfare/train information, official report of theft

How long will it take for the funds to be available?
Once approved, within 72 hours (timeline may be expedited depending on emergency type and staff availability)

How many times can I apply for the grant?
One time during your time as an NDSCS student.

How much money can I receive?
Up to $500

Can I apply to the fund if I have recently lost my job?
Possibly. Connect with Alissa Herbranson, Director of Financial Aid at 701-671-2191, Alissa.Herbranson@ndscs.edu or the Student Advocate at ndscs.studentadvocate@ndscs.edu.