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Estimate Your Tuition and Fees at NDSCS

Based on 2024-2025 Rates (August – June)

Where are you a resident of?
Where will you be attending your classes?
Where do you plan to live while attending classes?
Living on campus with a qualifying meal plan reduces the tuition costs of a non-resident down to that of a ND resident.
Will you be receiving tuition assistance from the U.S. military?
You may qualify if you, your parent or your spouse is a full-time Active Duty member, a Reservist, a National Guard member, or a Veteran.

Your Estimated Tuition & Fees

 Per CreditAcademic Year

Tuition Estimate Disclaimers..

  • These results are estimates, based on the selections made.  Only tuition and per-credit fees* tied to tuition are included.  The annual estimate is based on 12 credits per semester (spring/fall); additional credits will increase the estimated costs.
  • Tuition is charged per credit, at a rate based on a student’s residency status (ND Resident, MN Reciprocity, U.S. Resident, International).  
  • Per-credit fees are based on class location and help to support costs such as technology, health services, student activities and retention.  (*Instructional Fees are also charged per credit, based on the prefix of each class; these fees are not included in this estimate.) 
  • For a more detailed cost estimate and/or for additional costs associated with attending NDSCS, such as housing, meals, books and program-specific expenses, go to

Attending college is an investment in your future, that’s why NDSCS keeps tuition and other college expenses as affordable as possible. It is important to know what college will cost, how to pay for it and what steps to take in order to receive financial aid.

Estimated Educational Cost

Below you will find an estimated educational cost for a selection of programs offered through NDSCS. Customized cost estimates are available upon request. Click the button below to submit your request.

 Customized Cost Estimate

Academic ProgramCost by Location
Architectural Modeling & Design TechnologyWahpeton
Auto Body Repair and Refinishing TechnologyWahpeton
Automotive TechnologyWahpeton
Autonomous Systems TechnologyWahpeton
Building Construction TechnologyWahpeton
Business ManagementWahpeton | Fargo | Online
Caterpillar Dealer Service TechnicianWahpeton
Construction Management TechnologyWahpeton
Culinary ArtsWahpeton
Dental AssistingWahpeton
Dental HygieneWahpeton
Diesel TechnologyWahpeton
Electrical TechnologyWahpeton
Emergency Medical ServicesFargo
Health Information: Health Information TechnicianWahpetonOnline
Health Information: Medical CodingWahpetonOnline
HVAC/R TechnologyWahpeton
Information and Communications TechnologyWahpeton | Fargo | Online
John Deere TechWahpeton
Land Surveying and Civil Engineering TechnologyWahpeton
Liberal ArtsWahpeton | Fargo | Online
Mechanical SystemsWahpeton
Nursing: Practical NursingWahpeton | Fargo
Nursing: Registered Nursing AASWahpeton
Nursing: Registered Nursing ASNWahpeton
Occupational Therapy AssistantWahpeton
Pathway ProgramFargo (living at home) | Fargo (living at NDSU)
Pharmacy TechnicianWahpeton | Online
Powersports TechnologyWahpeton
Precision Agriculture TechnicianWahpeton
Precision AgronomyWahpeton
Precision Machining TechnologyWahpeton
Robotics Automation & Mechatronics TechnologyWahpeton
Unmanned Aircraft SystemsWahpeton
Welding TechnologyWahpeton | Fargo


Financial Aid

Financial aid money is available to help students pay for college. This includes grants, work-study and low-interest loans. Aid can come from the U.S. federal government, the state or the College.

Learn more about Financial Aid here.


Unlike loans, scholarships never have to be paid back. They are a great way to help pay for college. Performance-based scholarships not only assist with your financial needs, they are a reward for your hard work and distinguish you as an outstanding student.

Scholarships are available from a variety of sources; therefore, you need to be resourceful and initiate the process early each year. Typically, scholarship recipients are selected in the spring (February through May) for the upcoming academic year.

Find all scholarship opportunities here.


Sponsorships are designed to assist students with the affordability of their college education and assist businesses with recruiting and retaining qualified employees for industries that are experiencing a workforce shortage. 

Click here to learn more about student sponsorships.

Things to Know

It is important to know what college will cost and what your options are regarding paying for it. The information below can assist you in preparing to pay for college, along with other information related to your NDSCS Account. Your NDSCS Account reflects actual costs and payments each semester, including financial aid, while attending NDSCS.