NDSCS uses the student’s NDSCS email address to communicate important information such as graduation status, billings and emergency situation announcements to students. It is your responsibility to check your NDSCS email regularly in order to receive important communications.

Top Features of NDSCS student email:

  • Large storage size for email
  • Rich calendaring
  • Photo sharing
  • Multiple browser support
  • SMS alerts to mobile phones

Student accounts will use the same username (typically firstname.lastname) and will end with

Access my Email
From the Web

Visit and click the Email link at the top of the page.

  • When logging in, your username will be your University System username (typically firstname.lastname) plus Note that is only used when logging in to your email.
  • Your email password is the same one you just created for CampusConnection.
  • Your NDSCS email address is your University System username (typically firstname.lastname) plus For example, if your Campus Connection username is Lee.Smith, then your NDSCS email address is
From Outlook App for Mobile Devices

You will need to use the Microsoft Outlook app to access your email on your mobile device. The Microsoft Outlook app can be downloaded from your device's app store. Follow the steps below to configure your Office 365 account after you have downloaded the Microsoft Outlook app.

  1. Open the Outlook app
  2. Click Get Started
  3. Enter your NDSCS email username (typically
  4. Click Continue
  5. Enter your N.D. University System ID password
  6. Click Sign in
  7. Click Skip when prompted to add another account
  8. Click through the tutorial screens or click Skip to be taken into your account

If you need more information, have questions, or need assistance downloading Office 365 with Outlook, email or call the ITS Service Desk at 701-671-3333

Policies & Guidelines

Privacy and Appropriate Use
All NDSCS "records," including all records that are electronically stored and sent, are covered by several federal and state laws and regulations, and by state and NDSCS policies and procedures. You are responsible for complying with NDSCS policies and procedures regarding electronic records.

Email Services Terms of Use

  • NDSCS provides email services to students through Microsoft's online services.
  • This service is intended to enable college communications among faculty, students and staff for academic purposes.
  • If you choose to transfer your NDSCS email to another email address (an outside service), you do so at your own risk.
  • Personal use of the College email service is allowed, but must not interfere with the operation of the email service for academic purposes.
  • Any use of the email service must comply with all NDSCS and NDUS policies and procedures.

Guidelines for Appropriate Use

  • Use of the NDSCS email service for illegal or harassing activities is prohibited.
  • Protect your account. You are responsible for all emails sent from your account. Do not share your password.
  • Protect confidential and personal data. Emails, attachments and user profiles are not completely private. All electronic information will pass through many servers and network devices and is subject to interception at any point, although this is generally not the case. Do not put confidential, sensitive or personal information in the body of an email. If it is necessary to send sensitive information through the email service, use password protected document attachments or links to secure Websites.
  • Be respectful of others. Unauthorized access to other users' accounts or activities that deny access or resources to any other authorized user of the service is prohibited.
  • Verify receipt. Email delivery is not guaranteed. In rare cases emails are lost or delayed. You may send an email to the wrong address. When it is critical that your email arrive by a deadline, allow adequate delivery time and follow-up with the recipient.
  • Don't spam. Do not send unsolicited bulk messages, chain letters or commercial messages.
  • Do not tamper with the service. You may not initiate programs or take actions that intentionally interfere with normal operations of the email service.
  • Don't use the service for non-NDSCS business. You may not use the email service to operate, promote, advertise or otherwise support a non-NDSCS business.
  • Don't use the service for political purposes. For example, you may not use the email service to promote/support a candidate or specific proposed law or referendum.