Instructional Area: Selling (SE)

Standard: Understands the concepts and actions needed to determine client needs and wants and respond through planned, personalized communication that influences purchase decisions and enhances future business opportunities

Performance Element: Acquire a foundational knowledge of selling to understand its nature and scope.

Performance Indicators:
Explain the nature and scope of the selling function (SE:017, LAP-SE-117) (CS)
Explain the role of customer service as a component of selling relationships (SE:076, LAP-SE-130)(CS)
Explain key factors in building a clientele (SE:828, LAP-SE-115) (SP)
Explain company selling policies (SE:932, LAP-SE-121) (CS)
Explain legal and ethical considerations in selling (SE:106, LAP-SE-129) (SP)
Describe the use of technology in the selling function (SE:107) (SP)
Describe the nature of selling regulations (SE:108) (SP)

Performance Element: Understand sales activities to show command of their nature and scope.

Performance Indicators:
Explain the impact of sales and buying cycles (SE:380) (SP)
Describe the impact that digital communication is having on selling (SE:490) (SP)

Performance Element: Acquire product knowledge to communicate product benefits and to ensure appropriateness of product for the customer.

Performance Indicators:
Acquire product information for use in selling (SE:062, LAP-SE-131) (CS)
Analyze product information to identify product features and benefits (SE:109, LAP-SE-113) (SP)
Differentiate between consumer and organizational buying behavior (SE:112) (SP)
Identify emerging trends for use in selling (SE:404) (SP)

Performance Element: Understand sales processes and techniques to enhance customer relationships and to increase the likelihood of making sales.

Performance Indicators:
Explain the selling process (SE:048, LAP-SE-126) (CS)
Discuss motivational theories that impact buying behavior (SE:359) (SP)

Performance Element: Perform pre-sales activities to facilitate sales presentation.

Performance Indicators:
Explain the use of marketing-research information in professional selling (SE:383) (SP)
Prospect for customers (SE:001, LAP-SE-116) (SP)
Conduct preliminary customer/client qualification (SE:400) (SP)
Conduct pre-visit research (e.g., customer's markets/products, customer's competitors, and
competitors' offerings) (SE:369) (SP)
Determine sales strategies (SE:377) (SP)
Book appointments with prospective clients (SE:366) (SP)
Prepare sales presentation (SE:067) (SP)
Prepare and/or assemble sales materials (SE:482) (SP)

Performance Element: Employ sales processes and techniques to enhance customer relationships and to increase the likelihood of making sales.

Performance Indicators:
Build rapport and credibility with prospect (SE:483) (SP)
Respond appropriately to prospect's individual personality type (SE:810, LAP-SE-112) (SP)
Determine prospect's buying motives for use in selling (SE:883, LAP-SE-109) (SP)
Facilitate prospect's buying decisions (SE:811, LAP-SE-108) (SP)
Question/probe to acquire understanding of prospect [priorities, problems, trends, issues, corporate aims and objectives, processes, buying process and criteria, and trading preferences] (SE:484) (SP)
Assess prospect's needs in relation to product offering (SE:113) (SP)
Propose solution to prospect’s needs/challenges (sales talk, sales proposal presentation) (SE:115) (SP)
Demonstrate product solution for prospect needs (SE:893) (SP)
Convert customer/client objections into selling points (SE:874, LAP-SE-100) (SP)
Close the sale (SE:895, LAP-SE-107) (SP)
Negotiate sales terms/agreement (SE:392) (SP)
Oversee fulfillment/completion of sale (SE:485) (SP)
Sell good/service/idea to individuals (SE:046) (SP)
Sell good/service/idea to groups (SE:073) (SP)

Performance Element: Process the sale to complete the exchange.

Performance Indicators:
Calculate miscellaneous charges (SE:475) (CS)
Process special orders (SE:459) (CS)
Process telephone orders (SE:461) (CS)
Process sales documentation (SE:474) (SP)

Performance Element: Conduct sales-support activities to meet prospect needs/requirements.

Performance Indicators:
Write product/service proposal (SE:486) (SP)
Present proposal (SE:487) (SP)

Performance Element: Conduct post-sales follow-up activities to foster ongoing relationships with customers.

Performance Indicators:
Plan follow-up strategies for use in selling (SE:057, LAP-SE-119) (SP)
Prepare sales reports (SE:283) (SP)
Provide post-sales service (SE:397) (SP)
Gather customer/client feedback to improve service (SE:384) (SP)
Conduct self-assessment of sales performance (SE:372) (SP)
Maintain ongoing relationship with client (SE:488) (SP)

Performance Element: Plan sales activities to increase sales efficiency and effectiveness.

Performance Indicators:
Plan strategies for meeting sales quotas (SE:864) (SP)
Develop strategies to win back former customers (SE:379) (SP)
Explain the nature of key account management (SE:381) (SP)