Science of Success

First Year Experience

We want to make sure you succeed, and our Science of Success course is a big step in the right direction. Taken during your first semester, the one-credit course is designed to help you adjust to college in a laid back and fun atmosphere.

The Science of Success course (Program Introduction 101 course) is required for all Associate in Applied Science programs.

The Science of Success course (FYE 101) is required for all liberal arts programs (Associate in Arts or Science).

Topics covered vary by program, but could include:

  • Wellness
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Campus Services
  • Study Strategies/Time Management
  • Career Exploration

“This class lowered my stress by teaching me about the various topics and it was fun to get to know other students.” - FYE 101 Science of Success Student

The Program Introduction 101 course requirement may be waived or substituted at the discretion of the Program Coordinator.

The FYE 101 course requirement may be waived if a student meets certain criteria and requests exemption by completing the FYE 101 Exemption eForm found on the student’s Campus Connection account.

FYE 101 Exemption Details

To be considered for exemption from the FYE 101 course requirement, an incoming student must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Already earned a degree at an accredited institution.
  • Completed a similar course at another accredited institution and have a successful academic history.
  • Completed 24 or more credit hours from an accredited institution and maintained a 2.0 or better GPA.

An incoming student is defined as a student who was not previously enrolled, excluding courses taken while in high school, or has a lapse in enrollment at NDSCS and is enrolling at NDSCS for the current term, thus placed under the current catalog’s requirements.

Completing the FYE 101 Exemption
To request exemption from the FYE 101 course requirement, a student must complete the FYE 101 Exemption eForm by the second full day of classes in the student’s first semester at NDSCS.

To complete the eForm: log into Campus Connection, go to NDSCS eForms. Under Enrollment Services, select FYE 101 Exemption. Fill out the form and click Submit at the bottom. Results will be sent via campus email.

Pathway Students
FYE 101 is not a requirement for students in the Pathway program in Fargo because they will take the NDSU UNIV 189 Skills for Academic Success course.

FYE 101 Appeal
If a student does not meet any of the criteria above or was initially denied, additional consideration may be given to students with substantial proven understanding and experience with the subject matter covered. To apply, students will fill out the appeal form fully explaining how they meet the student outcomes for the class. Please email or call the Student Success Center at (701) 671-3000 for the appeal form and further instructions.

The appeal form should be received by noon of the second full day of classes in the student’s first semester at NDSCS to allow time for evaluation. Appeals will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. After consideration from the FYE 101 Committee, students will be notified of the results by campus email.

If you have questions regarding FYE 101 Science of Success, contact:
Lisa Wixo
Old Main, 340B
Wahpeton, ND