Frequently Asked Questions

Is North Dakota State College of Science accredited?
Yes, NDSCS is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association. Click here to view accreditation information.

Where is NDSCS located?
Our main campus is in Wahpeton, located in southeastern North Dakota. We are 45 miles south of Fargo and also have a location in Fargo offering some courses and programs.

What do online classes cost?  
Online class cost information can be found in the Paying for College section.

How do I apply for admission?
Click here for information about applying to NDSCS. Be sure to begin the application process early. All required admission documents such as official high school and college transcripts, admission fee, ACT test scores, and immunization records must be submitted prior to registering for classes. Student records which are incomplete will result in a "hold" on the student's account, preventing registration and financial aid disbursement.

How do I register for classes?
After your application for admission is processed, students will get information from Enrollment Services explaining how to "claim your account". You can also find instructions to claim your account at Once you have set up your account, online students can log into CampusConnection and register for classes. 

Why can’t I see the term in my CampusConnection enrollment page when I try to register for classes?
Your term needs to be activated by Enrollment Services. Contact the Enrollment Services department at 701-671-2521 or 800-342-4325, etc. 3-2521, or at to verify that all your admission documents have been received. 

Can I start online classes anytime or work at my own pace?
Online classes are not self-paced and they have structured flexibility. Classes are accessible 24/7 once the semester begins. However, instructors have deadlines for submitting assignments and tests so students move through the course chapters together. Students should submit assignments by the due dates indicated.

What type of software is required?
Microsoft Word is needed to create and submit assignments for all online classes. Some classes may require additional software which will be indicated in the online course brochure each semester. NDSCS students enrolled in classes may download MS Office Pro FREE through their NDSCS email accounts.

Microsoft Office Available for FREE

Can I use a Mac computer for online classes?
Some courses will require a Windows-based PC because of software used. Courses commonly needing a PC are CIS, CSCI, HIT, some ACCT, CAD. This list could change without notice. Students who use a Mac need to have a PC available for the times when it is needed so they do not fall behind in class work.

How do I log into my online classes?
Use your CampusConnection username and password to log into NDSCS Online. For more information, visit the Online Class Access section.

Do I have to log in everyday?
It is beneficial to log into your online classes often (every 1-2 days). Classes are not self-paced but classes are accessible 24/7 once the semester begins.

How much work is there in a typical online course?
This will vary by student and by course. A traditional “in person classroom” course will involve a minimum of 3-4 hours per credit per week of additional work outside of class. Online courses could require more because the student works very independently. It is important to establish a good study routine so you don’t fall behind in your class assignments.

Can I work at my own pace in my online classes?
NDSCS online courses follow the same Academic Calendar start/stop dates as traditional on-campus courses. They are accessible 24/7 but are not designed to be work-at-your-own-pace/independent study courses but rather work-at-your-own-time.

Students do not have to log in on specific days or at specific times of day; however, instructors do set deadlines for assignments, exams, and projects. Online education allows flexibility to study at times more convenient for students (for example, you work full-time days and can do homework evenings and weekends).

If you need to be away from your class due to an emergency, contact your instructor as soon as you can and discuss options for finishing your class assignments. If you have trouble reaching an instructor, contact Distance Education for assistance.

How do I take tests for online classes?
Tests are done in the online course system. Some faculty will require a proctor for testing and/or the Respondus Lockdown Browser to be on the computer used for testing. This is a free download. If you are testing at a location that may have download restrictions and firewalls, you should work with them before your first test to be sure they can load the software onto their computer. Allow sufficient time before your first test deadline to be sure Lockdown Browser is installed and working properly on your computer.

Some faculty require proctors for online exams. Where it is known, this requirement is indicated but may change without notice. Proctoring fees may be charged at some locations. Some instructors have additional restrictions so be sure to read the information provided in your class.

What happens if I have computer problems during my online class?
Computers are required for online classes so be sure to have a back-up plan before registering for class. Have another location available to use when your computer is not working so you don’t fall behind on your assignments.

For problems within the online classes, students can get 24/7 technical support from the NDUS Help Desk by calling 866-457-6387 or going to to submit a ticket or initiate a live chat.

You may also search for step-by-step instructions to help with common tasks and troubleshooting.

Class assignment questions should be directed to the instructor.

How do I reach my instructor?
You can email your instructor from the class “Email” tab. You will also get a copy of the email you send from the course in your email Inbox. If you have trouble reaching the instructor, contact Distance Education for assistance.

Do I need to use an NDSCS email account?
Yes. The official method of communicating with students is through their college email account. All students are assigned an email address in the NDSCS system and should log into it often for messages from the College and instructors. Find instructions at

How do I update my contact information?
Log into CampusConnection and click Student Self Service > Personal Portfolio. Within this portfolio, you are able to update your name, address, phone, e-mail, etc. You may include more than one e-mail and phone.  Your NDSCS email address is used for college and class communications so check that account regularly.

How do I get my books for online classes?
Visit our online Bookstore to order books and other NDSCS items. Allow sufficient time for delivery before classes start. If you order books from another source, you may be missing additional items required for classes so be sure you have everything you need to avoid having to re-purchase something later. If you are still waiting for your book when classes start, let the instructor know in case they have assignments due right away. You can still log into class and begin reading the information available while you wait for your books to arrive.

What are Access Codes?
Access codes are used for some classes to allow students access to the publisher website for additional class materials or to do assignments. The access codes are bundled with the books sold at the NDSCS Bookstore. Books purchased elsewhere won't have the codes so students may need to purchase them separately. Access codes sold online are not associated with the NDSCS classes and will not work correctly. Codes must be purchased through our Bookstore book bundle or through a link within the online course which will be available to registered students when the semester begins.

Passwords...Passwords...Passwords! What do I use where?
You will have different login/user IDs and passwords for different systems. Below are the most common and are often confused.

  • CampusConnection uses a firstname.lastname username format and you create your own password. This system is where you register for class, drop/add classes, check account balances, pay on your account, check your final grades, update your email/phone/address bio information and view unofficial transcripts, and more. You will need the EMPL ID# from your admission packet to "Claim your Account" which is how you activate your account and set up a password. It may take at least 24 hours for the claim process to be completed, so if you can't get into CampusConnection right away, try again in a day or two. If it is still not working, contact NDSCS. (Keep your EMPL ID# where you can retrieve it. It is your official student ID number.)
    • For help with your CampusConnection login, contact the NDUS Helpdesk by calling 866-457-6387 or submitting a help ticket at
  • NDSCS Online - Use your CampusConnection login credentials to log into NDSCS Online. If you are a high school online student and need to set up a CampusConnection username and password, follow the instructions online to claim your “CampusConnection” account and set up a password.
  • NDSCS Email -  For help accessing your email or resetting the password, contact the NDSCS IT Service Desk at 800-342-4325 ext 3-3333 or email
  • Access Codes for Publisher Website Content - Many classes utilize publisher websites for additional resources so you may need an code/pin number to access those resources. The codes will be bundled with the books sold at our Bookstore and are set up for NDSCS classes. If you purchase books or codes from another source, they likely won't work for our classes so you'd be required to purchase the code again from our Bookstore or through a link in the class to the publisher.