Instructional Area: Operations (OP)

Standard: Understands the processes and systems implemented to monitor, plan, and control the day-to-day activities required for continued business functioning

Performance Element: Understand operation's role and function in business to value its contribution to a company.

Performance Indicators:
Explain the nature of operations (OP:189, LAP-OP-189) (CS)

Performance Element: Adhere to health and safety regulations to support a safe work environment.

Performance Indicators:
Describe health and safety regulations in business (OP:004) (PQ)
Report noncompliance with business health and safety regulations (OP:005) (PQ)

Performance Element: Implement safety procedures to minimize loss.

Performance Indicators:
Follow instructions for use of equipment, tools, and machinery (OP:006) (PQ)
Follow safety precautions (OP:007) (PQ)
Maintain a safe work environment (OP:008) (CS)
Explain procedures for handling accidents (OP:009) (CS)
Handle and report emergency situations (OP:010) (CS)

Performance Element: Implement security policies/procedures to minimize chance for loss.

Performance Indicators:
Explain routine security precautions (OP:013) (CS)
Follow established security procedures/policies (OP:152) (CS)
Protect company information and intangibles (OP:153) (CS)

Performance Element: Comply with security rules, regulations, and codes (e.g., property, privacy, access, confidentiality) to protect customer and company information, reputation, and image.

Performance Indicators:
Explain information privacy, security, and confidentiality considerations in business (OP:441) (CS)
Maintain data security (OP:064) (CS)

Performance Element: Utilize project-management skills to improve workflow and minimize costs.

Performance Indicators:
Plan project (OP:519) (CS)
Monitor projects and take corrective actions (OP:520) (CS)
Evaluate project success (OP:521) (CS)

Performance Element: Implement purchasing activities to obtain business supplies, equipment, resources, and services.

Performance Indicators:
Explain the nature and scope of purchasing (OP:015, LAP-OP-002) (CS)
Place orders/reorders (OP:016) (CS)
Maintain inventory of supplies (OP:031) (CS)

Performance Element: Understand production's role and function in business to recognize its need in an organization.

Performance Indicators:
Explain the concept of production (OP:017, LAP-OP-017) (CS)

Performance Element: Maintain property and equipment to facilitate ongoing business activities.

Performance Indicators:
Comply with policies and procedures for use of property and equipment (OP:442) (CS)

Performance Element: Understand supply chain management role to recognize its need in business.

Performance Indicators:
Explain the concept of supply chain (OP:443) (CS)