Rethink That Drink Myth - Eating


If you think eating will sober you up. It doesn’t. The ONLY thing that will sober you up is TIME.
  • Nothing will speed up the process – not coffee, a shower, bread.  It takes roughly one hour for a person to metabolize one standard drink of alcohol.
  • Eating before a night of drinking is a good thing…here’s why:
     - Alcohol gets into the bloodstream through your stomach, so the less that’s in there, the quicker it is going to get to you.  You want food in your stomach to slow the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream.  Take note: not greasy, unhealthy food – that will lead to acid reflux making you feel worse!
     - Drinking on an empty stomach gets you drunk faster, often to dangerous levels.  To college students, this may sound great, but while it shoots your BAC up fast, it also leads to a quick crash.  Moreover, drinking before you’ve eaten can take a toll on your liver, kidneys, cardiovascular system and digestive track.