Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

FERPA is a federal law which was passed in 1974. The law protects the privacy of student educational records and provides rights to students for access to and amendment of those records. FERPA applies to any higher education institutions receiving federal funds administered by the Department of Education (DOE).

To complete the FERPA release form:

1. Log in to your Campus Connection account

2. Click on the eForms tile

3. On the left hand side, select Enrollment Services

4. Then select FERPA Release Form

5. Fill out form and click submit


Under FERPA, some information in a student’s record is considered public (directory information) and may be released without the student’s written permission. This information includes:

(a) name (all names on record);

(b) address (all addresses on record);

(c) e-mail address (all electronic addresses on record);

(d) phone number (all phone numbers on record);

(e) height, weight and photos of athletic team members;

(f) major field of study (all declared majors);

(g) class level;

(h) dates of attendance;

(i) enrollment status (full-time or part-time);

(j) names of previous institutions attended;

(k) participation in officially recognized activities and sports; 

(l) honors/awards received;

(m) degree earned (all degrees earned); 

(n) date degree earned (dates of all degrees earned);

(o) photographic, video or electronic images of students taken and maintained by the institution.

Students who wish to release certain information to their family and others must complete and submit the FERPA Release Form to NDSCS Enrollment Services.

Additional information regarding FERPA may be found in the NDSCS College Catalog.