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Scholarships are an excellent way to help pay for college and don’t have to be repaid. Opportunity scholarships not only assist with your financial needs, they are a reward for your hard work and distinguish you as an outstanding student.

Scholarships are available from a variety of sources; therefore, you need to be resourceful and initiate the process early each year. Typically, scholarship recipients are selected starting in late fall for the upcoming year and are awarded until funding runs out.

NDSCS Scholarship

NDSCS offers a general academic NDSCS Scholarship. Incoming freshman students may qualify if the following criteria are met and funding is available:

  • An ACT score of 26 or a 3.6 GPA = $2,000
  • An ACT score in-between 22-25 or GPA in the 3.2-3.6 range = $1,000

NDSCS uses the admission application for an incoming student's scholarship application. Returning students will need to complete the scholarship application below and are encouraged to apply.

Scholarship Application


NDSCS STEM Scholarship

This scholarship is for students pursuing a degree in a science, technology, engineering or math-related program. The Science of Success STEM Scholarship Program offers financial assistance of up to $10,000 per year. 
Review STEM Scholarship details and apply here.

North Dakota Academic or Career and Technical Education Scholarships

These scholarships are based on a variety of factors including high school GPA, ACT or WorkKeys results and courses completed in high school. Learn more about the ND Academic or Career and Technical Education Scholarships online or by visiting with your high school counselor.

ND Career Builders

Through the ND Career Builders program, students can receive a scholarship on the front end, loan repayment on the back end, or both, for their commitment to fill a high-demand occupation. This innovative partnership provides $1 of state funds for each $1 of private-sector matching funds, up to a total of $17,000 per recipient! The program is a tool to keep our talent in North Dakota and help businesses recruit employees in high-demand occupations. It is a win-win for students, businesses, and the state! Learn more about the ND Career Builders requirements.

Other Scholarships

Scholarship funds are available through community groups, organizations and companies outside of NDSCS. We encourage you to explore these options.

Scholarship Search Links and Helpful Tips


Sponsorships are designed to assist students with the affordability of their college education and assist businesses with recruiting and retaining qualified employees for industries that are experiencing a workforce shortage. Click here to learn more about student sponsorships.