Blackboard FAQ

NDSCS Online uses the Blackboard Learn course management system for our online classes.  Students will log into the NDSCS Online website to access their online course content, see announcements from instructors, view presentations, submit assignments and tests, and participate in threaded discussions with other students.

In addition to the common questions below, students may search the Blackboard Help website for more help topics.

Q: How do I log into my online classes?

A: Log into NDSCS Online using your CampusConnection username and password. You can access the login page two ways:

Q: I forgot my Username or Password. What can I do?

A: If you need help with your login or password, contact the NDUS Helpdesk at, 866-457-6387, or You can also click the “Forgot Your Password” link on the login page.

Q: Why do I get an error when I try to log into NDSCS Online?

A: New student accounts will be created when we begin processing enrollments into the NDSCS Online system. Logging in prior to an account being created will present an error.

Q: How will I get class instructions and communications from NDSCS?

A: Email is used for class information and other college communications and will be sent to NDSCS Email addresses. All students are assigned a college email account which needs to be checked often for time sensitive information. Find instructions to do this at

The first day of the semester, log into your classes to find the syllabus and schedule which will list your assignments and due dates as well as announcements from instructors.

Q: Where can I find help using Blackboard courses?

A: There are multiple resources available for help using Blackboard Learn.

Q: Why can’t I see my classes listed in NDSCS Online for next semester?

A: Classes for the upcoming semester will not be accessible on your NDSCS Online/Blackboard page until the first day of the semester/session. You may check your CampusConnection schedule to verify your registrations are correct.

Q: What is “My Blackboard" and where can I find it?

A: “My Blackboard” is the "Global Navigation Menu” located in the upper right corner of the page when you log into NDSCS Online/Blackboard. Look for the gray box with your name and click to see what you can access within that menu. Find more details on the Blackboard Help website.

Q: Can I receive class notifications on my phone or mobile device?

A: Yes, you can set your notification preferences within your NDSCS Online website. Find instructions on the Blackboard Help website.

Q: Is Blackboard easy to use?

A: To help you prepare, the Blackboard Student Orientation Tutorial will appear on your Blackboard landing page when you log in at NDSCS Online. Before your first classes begin, make time to review the information in the Tutorial to become familiar with the course system. You can also view video tutorials for various tasks within the Blackboard system.

Q: Is there a mobile app available?

A: The Blackboard app for students is available in Apple , Google , and Windows app stores now. You can access Blackboard, get grades, and participate in discussions on your mobile device. 

Q: How do I take tests in an online class?

A: Tests are done within the online course system. Students should have a wired connection to avoid any issues caused with a drop in connection. Some faculty will have additional requirements for test security and integrity measures.

  1. Exam Proctor – Instructors who require a proctor for testing will have a form and guidelines posted in their online classes. Students need to complete the form and return it to the instructor by the date indicated. Proctors cannot be friends, students or relatives. The guidelines list possible resources for proctoring services including public schools, public libraries, college test centers, public/community test centers, etc.
  2. Respondus Lockdown Browser – A free download will be available in your class. Install the lockdown browser on the computer used for testing prior to the first exam. If you are testing at a remote or proctor location that may have download restrictions and firewalls, you should work with them before your first test to be sure they can load the software onto their computer.
    NOTE: Respondus Lockdown Browser does not work on all devices (ex. Chromebooks, some iPads). Students must have access to a regular computer in case other devices do not work with some course and exam features.
Q: What is a Discussion Board?

A: Discussion boards are where students answer questions from the instructor about a topic and respond to posts from other students about that topic. Discussion Forums are used to organize individual discussion ‘threads’ around a particular topic.  Learn more at the Blackboard Help website. Sometimes you will “respond” to a thread, in other cases you will “create thread.”

Q: How do I check my grades?

A: Students can access grades by clicking “My Grades” within a course. Submitted items that are not graded will display an exclamation mark in a yellow circle. To view assignment details or comments from the instructor, click the conversation bubble by the grade. To view test results, click the exam name and then click the score. Check your grades frequently to be sure your assignments have been submitted correctly.