See first-hand what our students, alumni and employers think of the NDSCS Construction Management Technology program. 

Student Testimonials

"NDSCS was the right choice for me because I felt the instructors were invested in my education and wanted me to succeed. NDSCS was also more fast-tracked as far as classes because I felt I learned more in my 2 years here than I did at other 4 year colleges I've attended. I loved the personal, small-town feel of the campus and felt more like an individual than a number."

- Danielle, NDSCS Construction Management Technology student

"NDSCS is a great college to enroll at if you're looking for great face-to-face, hands-on learning. Students, faculty and staff are all super great and I definitely would recommend it."

- Broc, NDSCS Construction Management Technology student

"The choice of attending NDSCS has impacted my career path by opening my eyes to every opportunity my trade could offer. With the selected major of Construction Management Technology, they give you information on surrounding majors as well to make you a 'jack of all trades' so to speak."

- Ben, NDSCS Construction Management Technology student

"My experience at NDSCS related to my program was excellent as the instructors gave me the necessary support to reach my dream. The choice I made to attend NDSCS has opened doors for my career options."

- Hassan, NDSCS Construction Management Technology student

"NDSCS has prepared me with everything I need to know for industry in just two years."

- Stephen, NDSCS Construction Management Technology student

"NDSCS has lots of opportunities to meet people and small class sizes make everyone get to know each other well. It is a good option for two years and then to get in the workforce more quickly."

- Nathan, NDSCS Construction Management Technology student

Alumni Testimonials

"My degree from NDSCS provided me with a foundation of knowledge that I could build on throughout my career. The Construction Management Program has a well-designed curriculum that offers knowledgeable instructors, small class sizes, and hands-on affordable learning. NDSCS did a great job preparing me for my career path in the 'real world.' The memories and experiences I created at NDSCS will never be forgotten."

Jayden Haider, 2017 NDSCS Graduate