See first-hand what our students, alumni and employers think of the NDSCS Building Construction Technology program.

Student Testimonials

"I think I got a very educational experience that was applicable to my field of study. I enjoyed the steel erection class and the rough carpentry class the most. It has helped get the attention of numerous construction companies and they know the reputation of the degree from NDSCS so they know I will be able to do my job well. Classes are very specific to your degree and that gives you a lot of opportunities after graduation. It is also nice to have smaller class sizes and actually know your teachers."

- Dylan, NDSCS Building Construction Technology student

"What made NDSCS the right choice for me was that is was mostly hands-on and it was only two years. Treat your lab time like it's a job - show up on team and do your best. Having the right mindset will help you once you get out into the real world."

- Mark, NDSCS Building Construction Technology student

Supervised Occupational Experience (SOE) Testimonials

"I learned a lot in the field and got used to being well rounded and not specialized in one area. I was able to work with some fun people who taught me a lot!"

- Dylan Bruner

"The SOE helped me gain real life knowledge about construction and gave me a good glimpse of what my future is going to look like."

- Casey Kremke

"The SOE is a great way to learn new things while still getting paid."

- Mark Bush

Alumni Testimonials

"Thanks to NDSCS, specifically the Building Construction Technology program, I was given the know-how and encouragement to start my own construction business. Now, I make my own hours, plan vacations when I want and take orders from no one."

- Bill Rosemore, NDSCS Graduate

Employer Testimonials

"We highly value the relationship between our company and the BCT instructors at NDSCS. When the students from these programs join our workforce, they are well-prepared in many aspects of construction, they have an attitude of commitment to the career they’ve chosen, and it’s obvious their instructors have instilled in them a sense of knowledge and pride in what they can accomplish."
- Shawn O'Leary, General Superintendent, Comstock Construction

“Dietrich Construction is always looking for young folks with a passion for the building trades. Students coming from the NDSCS Building Construction Technology program are obviously engaged in the construction field and by being a student/grad of a short term, results focused major, they’re also demonstrating they have a desire to enter the workforce quickly with a purpose. These are exactly the kind of people we search for at Dietrich Construction and we feel as though NDSCS is doing a fantastic job of grooming the next generation of builders in our area.”
- Nick Dietrich, President, Dietrich Construction LLC

Client Testimonials

"NDSCS has the caring, quality workmanship and total attention to detail attitude from start to finish on the SRCTC Agriculture Innovation Center. It's been so awesome to work with partners who truly understand not only their area of expertise, but education and educational partnerships. This facility will be a long term reflection on all the above and most importantly a place to further the CTE Education of generations of young people to come."

- Dan Rood, Jr. Director, Southeast Region Career & Technology Center

"Faculty were extremely professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. Their communication skills made us comfortable asking questions, and they provided their answers in a manner we (as non-construction types) could understand. Students and subcontractors answered our questions courteously. During our discussions, it was obvious that they had knowledge of our project and their assigned tasks.

The quality of work is outstanding. The instructors went above and beyond to provide a custom product. One example is how staff and students showed genuine interest in the quality of work, is how they addressed the unique request of dual barn doors, which align perfectly. Amazing!"

- Gus and Jaraine Mohs