Sexual Misconduct, Prevention & Reporting (Title IX)

NDSCS is committed to providing a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment for all NDSCS community members. NDSCS strives to create a College community free from interpersonal abuse including sexual misconduct. In working to achieve this intent, NDSCS commits to

  • Responding to complaints or reports of prohibited conduct in a reasonably prompt timeframe; 
  • Taking action to stop sexual misconduct and prevent recurrences;
  • Taking action to remediate any adverse effects of such conduct on campus by providing advocacy, support and appropriate referral services for recipients of the behavior; and
  • Educating individuals and promoting discussions on sex or gender discrimination, sexual misconduct, and violence.

Report Sexual Misconduct

Staff & Training

NDSCS Title IX Compliance Policy

This policy is to fulfill all aspects of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and aligns with the North Dakota University System Policy 520.

NDSCS Sexual Misconduct Policy

This policy includes investigation and disciplinary procedures that will be followed in response to allegations of sexual misconduct not covered by NDSCS Title IX Compliance Policy.