Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

Instructional Area: Emotional Intelligence (EI)

Standard: Understands techniques, strategies, and systems used to foster self-understanding and enhance relationships with others

Performance Element: Foster self-understanding to recognize the impact of personal feelings on others.

Performance Indicators:
Describe the nature of emotional intelligence (EI:001, LAP-EI-006) (PQ)
Explain the concept of self-esteem (EI:016) (PQ)
Recognize personal biases and stereotypes (EI:017) (PQ)
Assess personal strengths and weaknesses (EI:002, LAP-EI-017) (PQ)

Performance Element: Develop personal traits to foster career advancement.

Performance Indicators:
Identify desirable personality traits important to business (EI:018, LAP-EI-009) (PQ)
Exhibit self-confidence (EI:023) (PQ)
Demonstrate interest and enthusiasm (EI:020) (PQ)
Demonstrate initiative (EI:024, LAP-EI-002) (PQ)

Performance Element: Apply ethics to demonstrate trustworthiness.

Performance Indicators:
Demonstrate responsible behavior (EI:021, LAP-EI-021) (PQ)
Demonstrate honesty and integrity (EI:022) (PQ)
Demonstrate ethical work habits (EI:004, LAP-EI-004) (PQ)
Take responsibility for decisions and actions (EI:075) (PQ)
Manage commitments in a timely manner (EI:077) (CS)

Performance Element: Exhibit techniques to manage emotional reactions to people and situations.

Performance Indicators:
Exhibit a positive attitude (EI:019, LAP-EI-003) (PQ)
Demonstrate self-control (EI:025, LAP-EI-014) (PQ)
Explain the use of feedback for personal growth (EI:003, LAP-EI-015) (PQ)
Adjust to change (EI:026) (PQ)

Performance Element: Identify with others' feelings, needs, and concerns to enhance interpersonal relations.

Performance Indicators:
Respect the privacy of others (EI:029) (PQ)
Show empathy for others (EI:030, LAP-EI-012) (PQ)
Maintain the confidentiality of others (EI:103) (CS)
Exhibit cultural sensitivity (EI:033, LAP-EI-011) (CS)

Performance Element: Use communication skills to foster open, honest communications.

Performance Indicators:
Explain the nature of effective communications (EI:007) (PQ)

Performance Element: Manage stressful situations to minimize potential negative impact.

Performance Indicators:
Use appropriate assertiveness (EI:008, LAP-EI-018) (PQ)
Use conflict-resolution skills (EI:015, LAP-EI-007) (CS)
Explain the nature of office politics (EI:109) (CS)
Overcome problems and difficulties associated with office politics/turf wars (EI:095) (CS)

Performance Element: Implement teamwork techniques to accomplish goals.

Performance Indicators:
Participate as a team member (EI:045) (CS)

Performance Element: Employ leadership skills to achieve workplace objectives.

Performance Indicators:
Explain the concept of leadership (EI:009, LAP-EI-016) (CS)
Determine personal vision (EI:063) (CS)
Demonstrate adaptability (EI:006, LAP-EI-023) (CS)
Develop an achievement orientation (EI:027, LAP-EI-010) (CS)
Lead change (EI:005, LAP-EI-022) (CS)
Enlist others in working toward a shared vision (EI:060, LAP-EI-013) (CS)
Coach others (EI:041, LAP-EI-024) (CS)

Performance Element: Manage internal and external business relationships to foster positive interactions.

Performance Indicators:
Treat others fairly at work (EI:036, LAP-EI-020) (PQ)
Foster positive working relationships (EI:037, LAP-EI-005) (CS)