Professional Development

Proffessional Development

Instructional Area: Professional Development (PD)

Standard: Understands concepts, tools, and strategies used to explore, obtain, and develop in a business career

Performance Element: Acquire self-development skills to enhance relationships and improve efficiency in the work environment.

Performance Indicators:
Maintain appropriate personal appearance (PD:002, LAP-PD-005) (PQ)
Demonstrate systematic behavior (PD:009) (PQ)
Set personal goals (PD:018, LAP-PD-016) (CS)

Performance Element: Understand and follow company rules and regulations to maintain employment.

Performance Indicators:
Adhere to company protocols and policies (PD:250) (CS)
Follow rules of conduct (PD:251) (CS)
Follow chain of command (PD:252) (CS)

Performance Element: Utilize critical-thinking skills to determine best options/outcomes.

Performance Indicators:
Explain the need for innovation skills (PD:126, LAP-PD-018) (CS)
Make decisions (PD:017, LAP-PD-010) (CS)
Demonstrate problem-solving skills (PD:077, LAP-PD-017) (CS)

Performance Element: Participate in career planning to enhance job-success potential.

Performance Indicators:
Assess personal interests and skills needed for success in business (PD:013) (PQ)
Analyze employer expectations in the business environment (PD:020) (PQ)
Explain the rights of workers (PD:021) (PQ)
Identify sources of career information (PD:022) (CS)
Identify tentative occupational interest (PD:023) (CS)
Explain employment opportunities in business (PD:025, LAP-PD-015) (CS)
Explain career opportunities in entrepreneurship (PD:066, LAP-PD-004) (CS)

Performance Element: Implement job-seeking skills to obtain employment.

Performance Indicators:
Utilize job-search strategies (PD:026) (PQ)
Complete a job application (PD:027) (PQ)
Interview for a job (PD:028) (PQ)
Write a follow-up letter after job interviews (PD:029) (CS)
Write a letter of application (PD:030) (CS)
Prepare a résumé (PD:031) (CS)

Performance Element: Utilize career-advancement activities to enhance professional development.

Performance Indicators:
Describe techniques for obtaining work experience (e.g., volunteer activities, internships) (PD:032) (PQ)
Explain the need for ongoing education as a worker (PD:033) (PQ)
Explain possible advancement patterns for jobs (PD:034) (PQ)