Office Building Phone
Academic Counseling Old Main 701-671-3000
Administrative Affairs Haverty Hall 701-671-2217
Alumni/Foundation Harry Stern and Ella Stern Cultural Center 701-671-2247
Arts, Science and Business Division Tech Center 701-671-2295
Athletics Department Clair T. Blikre Activities Center 701-671-2281
Auxiliary Services Hektner Student Center 701-671-2439
Bookstore Hektner Student Center 701-671-2125
Business Affairs Office Haverty Hall 701-671-2216
Police Hektner Student Center 701-671-2233
College Relations and Marketing Haverty Hall 701-671-2245
Dining Services Hektner Student Center 701-671-2321
Distance Education Horton Hall 701-671-2238
Enrollment Services Haverty Hall 701-671-2203
Extended Learning Division Horton Hall 701-671-2488
Facilities Management Patterson Maintenance Center 701-671-2313
Grants Management Horton Hall 701-671-2696
Human Resources Haverty Hall 701-671-2903
Information Technology Services Hektner Student Center 701-671-3333
Institutional Effectiveness Old Main 701-671-2284
Instructional Affairs Haverty Hall 701-671-2416
Instructional Technology Mildred Johnson Library 701-671-2190
Library Mildred Johnson Library 701-671-2298
Mail Center Hektner Student Center 701-671-2825
President's Office Haverty Hall 701-671-2221
Print Services Horton Hall 701-671-2230
Purchasing/Motorpool Patterson Maintenance Center 701-671-2211
Student Affairs Old Main 701-671-2258
Student and Residential Life Riley Hall 701-671-2224
Student Wellness (formerly Student Health and Counseling) Riley Hall 701-671-2286
Student Success Center Old Main 701-671-3000
Technologies and Services Division Tech Center 701-671-2243
Workforce Training Division Tech Center 701-671-2206