CNA Testing

CNA Testing Registration

CNA Testing is made available for NDSCS CNA students, other CNA students that need to retest, or people challenging the test without training. NDSCS CNA students take the test after completing the NDSCS class. 

Apply to Test at NDSCS

  1. Use a computer to complete Form 1101 ND Online Fillable NOTE: NDSCS only accepts the online form.
  2. Select a date for testing by creating an account or signing into an existing account. Transactions must be completed with a credit care. If you have requested the oral test on the 1101ND form, you must pay the $10 fee. Visit the CNA Frequently Asked Questions section for more information. .

Registration is not final until both steps are completed.

CNA Testing Information

  • Knowledge (Written) and Skills test: $250
    • Must take both Written and Skills at the same time, unless you have previously passed one portion of the Headmaster CNA test. 
  • Skills only: $170
  • Written only: $120
  • Oral test for Written: add $10 for the cost of oral testing
    Students must bring their own headset to plug into the computer
CNA Testing Dates

Tests are conducted approximately two times per month. Dates will be published 1-2 months in advance. These dates are subject to change or cancellation if the minimum number of testers is not met.

Click the button below to view available testing dates and sign up.

CNA Testing Registration

Preparing to Test

Review the Candidate Handbook carefully.

  • Page B: Contact information for CNA Test and the ND Department of Health
  • Page 2-4: Exam check-in, identification, instructions and testing policies
  • Page 4-5: Understanding your test results and CNA Verification and printing your card:
  • Page 6: Retaking the test
  • Page 6: Getting your nurse aide certification online - Verify a Registration
  • Page 7-10: Knowledge/oral test and test content
  • Page 10-12: Manual skill test
  • Page 12-30: The 24 skills that a candidate must be able to perform. 

Cancellations, Refunds & Weather Cancellations

Download the Policy

Cancellations - You may cancel your test five business days before the test date.

  • For example, if the test is on Tuesday, cancellation must be made by 4 p.m. the prior Tuesday. This allows time for NDSCS to contact students on a wait list for testing.
  • This cancels the test with Headmaster and is not considered a test attempt.

Refunds - There are no refunds when you cancel less than five business days before the test or do not show up for testing.

  • There are a limited number of testing slots. By submitting your testing fee, you are holding a spot that another person cannot use.
  • NDSCS provides testing as a service to our community for serious CNA candidates. We are committed to the healthcare industry to provide testing to prospective CNA's.

Weather Cancellations

  • If NDSCS is closed due to weather (blizzard, flooding), testing is cancelled.