See first-hand what our students, alumni and employers think of the NDSCS Architectural Modeling & Design Technology program. 

Student Testimonials

"I liked the small classes that allowed the teachers to help every student. If I had a question they could point me in the right direction. The teachers are understanding if you talk to them."

- Danielle, Architectural Modeling & Design Technology student

"Some of my favorite things from my experience in the AD&E program include going on all the field trips, working on the Design Charrette, and being able to participate in various extracurricular activities, such as the CDT club and the IBS Competition. Those events allowed me to not only grow connections with my peers, but it also allowed me to put my education to use in a real-world setting."

- Emily, Architectural Modeling & Design Technology student

"NDSCS was the right choice for me because there were no fluff classes. The classes required for specific programs just jump right into it."

- Amanda, Architectural Modeling & Design Technology student

"My experience at NDSCS was life changing and eye opening to the world I was graduating into. I liked the ability to be creative and use my thoughts or visions in a way personal to me. The environment on campus was perfect for me at the point in my life I was in. The low key but chill environment was perfect for me."

- Bennett, Architectural Modeling & Design Technology student

"What I liked best about the AD&E program was how nice the teachers are. With the class sizes smaller than big colleges, they know who you are and that makes it easy to talk to them and get help with schoolwork if you need it."

- Hannah, Architectural Modeling & Design Technology student

"NDSCS was the right choice for me because I have always struggled as a student, but having smaller classes gave me the help I need from the teacher. I'm not one to ask for help on my own."

- James, Architectural Modeling & Design Technology student

"My time at NDSCS was well spent. I enjoyed my classes and extra-curricular activities. NDSCS has opened up employment opportunities so much. I never expected to be where I am today."

- James, Architectural Modeling & Design Technology student

"I gained some very valuable experience at NDSCS in the Architectural Drafting and Estimating program. I am very excited to graduate with the opportunity to find jobs as an estimator, drafter, and I have UAS to accompany that."

-Sarah, Architectural Modeling & Design Technology student

"Some of the things I liked best here was how friendly everyone is and how easy it is to get along with people, some of the people I met here will truly be my forever friends. The 3d modeling classes and renovation classes were amazing, the project I'm most proud of is my 8-plex. What made this college right for me was the job placement rating, the cost, and overall class size. It's been a true learning experience here."

- James, Architectural Modeling & Design Technology student

"What made NDSCS the right choice for me is the smaller class sizes and the smaller school. Also I know that I wanted to do something along these lines for a career so it just made sense for me. Also I chose it to get my degree fast and be able to start a good career."

- Jake, Architectural Modeling & Design Technology student

"I liked the hands-on experience and getting to experiment with different software like Revit and TwinMotion."

- Jerin, Architectural Modeling & Design Technology student

Alumni Testimonials

"NDSCS set me on my ideal career path by having instructors that lived in the industry for a time and were able to bring that real-world application to the students in the classroom. They were able to not only teach the technical aspects of drafting and estimating, but also how the construction industry operates and what we could expect once we entered the workforce."

- Chris Hauck, 2003 NDSCS Graduate

"I truly believe that if you can dream it, you can do it and at NDSCS, your dreams might be put to the test, but eventually after two years of hard work, you too can have your dream job."

- Alecia Hess, 2012 NDSCS Graduate

"NDSCS helped  prepare me for the job I have now at Obernel Engineering as a CAD/BIM Technician. The teachers are amazing because they are easy to talk to and I was never nervous or scared to ask a question. I had a great time at NDSCS, it went by way too fast."

- Hannah Pietron, 2020 NDSCS Graduate

"NDSCS prepared me for the job I received. Employers have confidence in NDSCS and always comment on how they like the approach NDSCS puts towards their students."

- Kory Skoog, 1990 NDSCS Graduate

"Go to NDSCS! This program is excellent. I enjoyed my instructors and learned a lot in my two years there.  The Career Fair helped me so much. I made the connection there that led to my current job."

- Bekah Peterson, 2019 NDSCS Graduate

"NDSCS gave me the tools to graduate with two degrees and not be in school forever. I also appreciated the many connections with industry that were developed while I was a student. That really helped me with opportunities and got me to where I am today. 

There are a lot of opportunities and lot more career paths than you may not realize until you get into the construction industry."

- Lexy Tank, 2015 NDSCS Graduate

"Like any built structure, you need to start with a strong foundation. My experience was that NDSCS provided me that strong foundation to build my career upon. Armed with practical knowledge, real world experience in terms of designing, planning and client meetings, I hit the ground running. The knowledgeable staff coupled with their practical approach to learning, I was able to provide immediate value to my first and subsequent employers."

- Patrick Olstad, 1999 NDSCS Graduate

Employer Testimonials

"NDSCS AM&DT program teaches the students all the basic needs they require when they enter the workforce and prepares the students to a career in drafting. NDSCS students are more prepared for their careers than students from other area colleges and need very little hands on training when they start at our company."

- Tony Johnson, Director of Technical Production, Obernel Engineering

"We have found that NDSCS AM&DT program graduates typically possess a strong desire to excel and really understand the big picture of projects instead of only the portion they are working on. The pride they have in their craft and the industry is also a great quality we see in NDSCS grads. They work hard to be a true partner with engineers and clients to ensure project success. We have noticed that NDSCS graduates tend to have a more solid foundation in drawing and understanding the technology as it relates to our industry. Some programs are so heavily focused on architectural drafting and it takes longer for those graduates to acclimate to our projects and technology. Overall, we are very pleased with the caliber of employees that have joined our team from NDSCS."

- Justin Schoenberg, Practice Area Leader, Sandman Structural Engineers

"Qualities of the NDSCS graduates that we value the most are the attention to detail, ability to think for themselves and work ethic. Residential and commercial projects are more and more complicated every year and the graduates ability to figure out how to design the trusses to make it easier for the builder as well as our production facility is what helps separate us from the competition."

- Chris Lange, General Manager, Northland Truss Systems, Inc