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What you say, matters…no matter what age!

Tips for talking to your student about tobacco/vaping:

  • Begin with a statement that conveys open-mindedness and then asking your student about his or her experiences.
    o Speak honestly, but don’t glamorize past use. Explain how 50 years ago we didn’t know how bad tobacco use was – but now we know. It is the same with e-cigarettes.
  • Ask questions rather than lecture.
  • Do not get angry if you hear things you do not like! Sometimes this can close communication and impair ability to help your student effectively solve problems and deal with difficult situations.
  • Be specific about the behavior you want your student to change (for example: “I expect you to not use any tobacco/nicotine product.”)
  • Disapprove of the behavior, not the person.
  • Use “I” statements such as, “I feel scared when I hear that you have been juuling. I worry that the long-term consequences will be detrimental to your health and success.”
  • Be a role model. Set an example with your own choices.
  • Explain to your student that not only will use affect their health, but also their bank account. An average e-cigarette user spends between $1500-$2500 annually (devices, e-liquid, replacement parts, etc.)
  • Make clear that your own position on your student’s tobacco/nicotine use is not appropriate.
    o Remind them that if caught using on NDSCS property, they will receive a $250 fine.

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