Alcohol & Other Drug Information

ATOD Mission & Vision

  • Mission: The Mission of the Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs (ATOD) Prevention Team at North Dakota State College of Science is to bolster student success by promoting and supporting low-risk decisions regarding ATOD use throughout the College and the broader community.
  • Vision: We envision a College and community free from high-risk alcohol, tobacco and other drug use.

NDSCS ATOD Prevention Team Environmental Management

Did you know…
  • That 84% of NDSCS students have not used cannabis within the last year.
  • 90.2% of NDSCS students have never been in trouble with the police, residence hall or other college authorities due to alcohol and drugs.
  • 93.2% of NDSCS students don’t believe alcohol is needed to have a good time.
  • 82.8% of NDSCS students have never missed a class or performed poorly on a test due to alcohol or other drugs.
  • 70.2% of NDSCS students haven't vaped/used e-cig products in the past year.
  • *2020 NDSCS Student Wellness and Perceptions Survey (n=225)