NDSCS has three apartment complexes for students wanting to live by themselves, with a requested roommate, or with your spouse or child.  Learn more below about the benefits of living in the on-campus apartments, eligibility requirements, and frequently asked questions.

Benefits of living in the NDSCS Campus Apartments

Affordability:  The on-campus apartments are provided with amenities that you don’t often see in off-campus apartments. Rental costs include electricity, heat, water/sewer/garbage, high speed wireless Internet, and unlimited high efficiency laundry.    

Student-Friendly Contracts

  • NDSCS apartments only require a $50 application fee up front.  Many off-campus apartments require, at a minimum, a security deposit and sometimes the first month’s rent before you move in.  
  • NDSCS apartment contracts require only a 30-day vacate notice and you can remain in the apartments as long as you are a registered student. 
  • You don’t have to mess with rounding up your rent each month. The license payment for the apartment is billed on a semester basis, which means you pay twice an academic year instead of having to remember to pay every month.  If you have a roommate, each person is billed individually. 
  • You can use your Financial Aid to cover the cost of the apartment.  Stop by the Financial Aid office for more details.

Convenience:  NDSCS apartments are walking distance from your classes.  Plus - you are only steps away from the Blikre Activity Center that houses the Wildcat Wellness Center, weight room, indoor track, swimming pool, racquetball and basketball courts. 

Security:  The safety and security of our students is a priority at NDSCS.  We have secure entrances, security cameras, and onsite staff who are dedicated to your overall well-being.

Management and Staffing:

  • NDSCS Apartments have onsite apartment managers who are trained to answer your questions and address issues that arise.  If you have a question or concern and your apartment manager is at class – no worries – Residential Life has 24 hours, 7 days a week on-call staff.
  • NDSCS Facilities Management staff takes pride in keeping our buildings clean, safe and comfortable.  Any repairs needed for your apartment are addressed quickly and completed by professional staff members. 

Parking:  You won’t have to worry about fighting for a parking spot. There are plenty of parking spaces for all three apartment complexes.

NDSCS Apartments Application

For instructions on how to apply for NDSCS apartments online, please view the below document.

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Students must meet one of the following requirements to live in an on-campus apartment:

  • Student is married (will need a copy of the marriage certificate)
  • Student has a child that resides with them (will need a copy of birth certificate)
  • Student is 21 years of age or older
  • Student has lived in the NDSCS residence halls for at least two semesters
  • Student has completed or attempted a minimum of 24 (twenty-four) credits of college level course work. Dual enrollment credits (i.e. PSEO, AP) completed while in high school, will not be considered when determining credit eligibility for the apartments.

Effective Summer 2023

  • Students must be enrolled in at least 6 credits at NDSCS each semester they live in the apartments (excluding Summer session)
Apartment Costs

For current rates, please see the Room and Apartment Rates page.

Students participating in academic programs that require them to be away from campus during the semester will not receive a discounted semester rate for their time away.

Please also be aware that if one roommate cancels their apartment agreement or their eligibility to reside in the campus apartments is terminated for any reason during the contract period, the remaining student will be responsible for the total rental amount from the day his/her roommate's check-out is processed by the Department of Residential Life and the roommate's keys are returned.

What is the length of the apartment contract?

The apartment license contract is effective the day you pick up your key.  As you only need to provide a 30-day vacate notice, the length of your contract can be as long or short as needed, as long as you are a registered NDSCS student.  The terms of the contract are valid from August 1 until July 31 each year, therefore, students remaining in the apartments for longer than the terms of the license contract are required to sign a new license contract each year prior to August 1. 

Does each student fill out an apartment application and $50 non-refundable application fee?

Yes, each student who qualifies to live in the apartments will need to fill out an apartment application and pay the $50 non-refundable application fee. 

Can Residential Life help me find a roommate?

Residential Life does not assign roommates in the apartments.  If you don’t have a requested roommate, you can let us know that you are looking for a roommate and we will keep a list of students in the same situation. We will periodically forward information to students looking for roommates and it’s up to you to contact others on the list to see if a potential roommate is a good match for you.

Can I live with:
  • My girlfriend/boyfriend?  Roommates have to be of the same gender. 
  • A non-NDSCS student?  No, only NDSCS students can live in the apartments.
  • My wife/husband if they are not an NDSCS student?  Yes, spouses and children are allowed, as long as one person in the apartment is an NDSCS registered student.
Can I remain in the apartment over the summer, even if I’m not registered for summer classes?

Yes! Students may reside in the apartment over the summer as long as you are registered for the upcoming fall semester. 

Can I keep my apartment over the summer months and return for fall semester?

Yes!  As long as you are registered for either summer or fall semester, you can leave your belongings, hand in your key and hold your apartment over the summer for $400 per unit.  If you have a roommate, the $400 will be divided equally and billed to each of your student accounts.

Do the apartments have a waiting list?

It’s always a good idea to apply for an apartment sooner than later if you are wanting an apartment for the following academic year or semester.  If you apply later and there are no available apartments, Residential Life maintains a waitlist throughout the academic year.  If an apartment opens up, Residential Life staff will contact you to see if you are still interested in the apartments.

What is provided with an apartment?

All the apartments are two bedrooms, one bathroom and provide the following amenities:

  • Full size kitchen with refrigerator and stove
  • Rental prices includes:
      o Electricity
      o Heat
      o Water, sewer and garbage
      o High speed wireless Internet access
      o Unlimited use of high efficiency, coinless laundry machines

There are a limited number of furnished Townhomes that, in addition to the above amenities, provide an XL twin bed, desk, chair, and dresser in each bedroom, a kitchen table and chairs, a small sofa and chair.

Northwest/Southeast College Apartments
College Complex

The Northwest and Southeast Apartments, located just north of the Blikre Activity Center, have 98 two bedrooms, one bathroom apartments for student and family living. These apartments are equipped with a refrigerator and stove and are air conditioned. All units are provided Wireless Internet access, paid electricity, heat, water, sewer and garbage, unlimited use of high efficiency, coinless laundry machines in the designated laundry rooms, and on-site parking.

NDSCS College Townhomes

The NDSCS College Townhomes have 36 individual-entry units located just northeast of the Blikre Activities Center. Each townhome is two bedrooms, one bathroom. Students can choose to live in a unit by themselves or with a requested roommate. The Townhomes are equipped with a refrigerator and stove. There are a designated number of furnished units that contain two extra-long twin beds, two desks, two chairs, kitchen table and chairs, a small sofa and chair. All units are provided Wireless Internet access, paid electricity, heat, water, sewer and garbage, unlimited use of high efficiency, coinless laundry machines in the designated laundry rooms, and on-site parking. Bedroom sizes are 10’ x 12’ and 12’ x 14’.