Tuition & Fees: New Charge Method to Begin Fall 2019


  • Tuition is the base cost for each credit a student is enrolled in, and pays a portion of the salaries and operational costs. 
  • Fees are costs that support such things as unique class needs, technology, and student activities.
  • Within this information, the term “fee” refers to academic-related fees only.
  • NDSCS will begin using this updated method of charging for the Fall 2019 semester.   
Q: Why are these updates being made? 

A: Per the direction of the ND State Board of Higher Education (SBHE), all 11 colleges/universities that are part of the ND University System will be updating the method in which tuition and fees are charged.   The new method for NDSCS is based on input from various campus groups, including Student Senate.

  • Tuition and Fees will now be charged in a way that is less complex and more transparent. 
  • Students will find it easier to calculate and budget for their semester/annual costs. 
  • It is NDSCS’ intention to keep costs as comparable as possible in relation to the previous method of charging fees.
Q: What are the updates to how tuition will be charged? 

A: All tuition will be charged based on the RESIDENCY of the student.  Additional information about the different residency groups can be found here

  • NDSCS-Wahpeton Classes – students will not be affected by this update, since tuition had previously been charged according to the residency of the student.  
  • NDSCS-Fargo & NDSCS-Online Classes – students may notice a slight difference in their tuition costs, since tuition was previously charged at a rate equivalent to what a ND Resident would pay.  (Online classes will continue to have a per-credit Distance Access Fee.)
Q: What are the updates to how fees will be charged?

A: Fees will be broken out into Instructional Fees, Distance Access Fees, Mandatory Fees, Stand-Alone Fees, Program Fees and Course Fees.

  • Instructional Fees, NEW - charged per-credit, and will be calculated based on the prefixes of the classes the student is enrolled in. Each credit will have 1 of the 10 new Instructional Fees.  Instructional Fees will benefit students by funding the unique needs tied to the classes/subjects they are enrolled in.  Additional information about Instructional Fees can be found here.
  • Distance Access Fees - will continue to be charged per-credit for Online classes, but will no longer be charged for NDSCS-Fargo classes.
  • Mandatory Fees (ConnectND, NDSA, Technology, Assessment, Placement, & Student Activity Fees) - will continue to be charged per-credit; cap at 12 credits.
  • Stand-Alone Fees - may continue to be charged for special services such as testing fees, uniforms, field trips, private lessons, etc.
  • Program Fees - will be eliminated.  (Prior to Fall 2019 - were charged once a semester for certain programs, such as “Program Fee-Health Information” for $50, “Program Fee-Powersports Tech” for $100, etc.)
  • Course Fees - will be eliminated.  (Prior to Fall 2019 - were charged when enrolled in certain courses, such as “English Fee” for $9, “Science Lab Fee” $35, etc.)
Q: How will a student calculate their costs using this model?

A: NDSCS will be updating the Cost Estimate Sheet to incorporate these updates.  The updated version will include “New Method” in the title, so be sure to use the correct version when calculating your 2019-2020 costs. 

Q: When will these updates show on a student’s NDSCS account?

A: The tuition and fee costs for Fall 2019 will be calculated using the new method; tuition and fees will be available on the student’s NDSCS account by August 5, 2019. 

Q: Will eligible students still receive a Room and Board Tuition Waiver? 

A: Yes, the Room & Board Tuition Waiver will continue to be placed on a student’s account each semester they qualify for it.  This waiver will lower the student’s tuition costs to the same amount that a ND resident would pay.  To qualify, a student needs to be living on-campus in Wahpeton and have a 160, 225 or 300 meal plan.

Q: Who should a student contact with questions?

A: For questions related to the new method of charging tuition & fees:

For residency related questions:

  • NDSCS-Wahpeton: Office of Admissions, Haverty Hall, Rm 101 | 701-671-2521 |
  • NDSCS-Fargo: Student Services, Rm 183G | 701-231-6937

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