Our Mission

The North Dakota State College of Science is a comprehensive, associate degree-granting college founded on a tradition of quality and integrity. We deliver learner-focused education through a unique and evolving collegiate experience. Using innovative delivery strategies, NDSCS anticipates and responds to statewide and regional needs by providing access to occupational/technical programs, transfer programs, and workforce training.

Vision Statement

​To enrich people's lives through responsive lifelong learning in a dynamic educational and technological environment.


The North Dakota State College of Science acts in accordance with a set of shared values that complement the College's vision and mission statement. The people of NDSCS - students, employees, alumni and friends - hold learning, integrity, flexibility and excellence in the highest regard. These values are intended to foster an environment conducive to lifelong learning and to encourage behaviors that fulfill the College's mission and meet the needs of its students. As members of the NDSCS community, we are stewards for many constituents - students, parents and citizens. They have entrusted us with their resources and their aspirations, and we respond with personal attention, professional conduct and vibrant enthusiasm for our vocation. Each of us contributes to the success of the College, its students and its alumni. Our shared values embrace our decisions and our daily actions.

Our L.I.F.E. Values
  • Learning: Engage the campus community in a lifelong learning environment inside and outside the classroom.
  • Integrity: Work with others and conduct ourselves in a respectful, ethical, honest, and trusting manner.
  • Flexibility: Consider ideas from all sources and adapt to the needs of our patrons.
  • Excellence: Deliver superior programs and services that distinguish the college from its peers.
Program Guarantee

North Dakota State College of Science offers education and training designed to enable students to acquire the entry level vocational/technical competencies necessary to enter the workforce. NDSCS stands behind the training provided and will guarantee to provide at least six additional credits of retraining under the following conditions:

  • Your employer certifies that you lack the target job competencies normally expected of an entry-level employee who has graduated from your vocational/ technical program, or
  • You have not secured employment within six months following graduation.

To be eligible for retraining, you must have graduated from a technical certificate program, technical diploma program, or associate in science or associate in applied science degree program. In addition, you must have registered for services provided through the NDSCS Career Services office and actively pursued employment in your occupational field or a related field. This guarantee does not imply that you will pass any licensing or qualifying examination for a particular occupation. Other guidelines also may apply. For more information on the NDSCS Guaranteed Retraining Policy, contact the Career Services office at 1-800-342-4325.

Quality Pledge

It is the commitment of the North Dakota State College of Science to provide quality instruction and service, consistent with the highest standards of education. We will provide precise, prompt and courteous service to our students, to the employers who hire them, to one another and to all we serve.