The Division for Instruction provides administrative leadership and support for the instructional functions of the College. This division supports student learning and personal growth by providing services, instruction, and to help students grow personally and professionally. The Division for Instruction hires and supervises the faculty and academic staff, manages the instructional and related support services, develops the curriculum, manages resources and purchases appropriate instructional equipment.

This Division for Instruction is responsible for University System relationships including transfer of courses, distance delivery, mission mapping implementation, workforce affairs, partnership-building, technology in instruction, early entry, departmental accreditation and student services. The Division also serves as a liaison with the State Board for Career and Technical Education.

The Division also provides leadership for programming that enables businesses to enhance performance and productivity for individuals to achieve personal and professional growth. The focus is training which utilizes state of the art equipment and facilities, flexible and responsive delivery methods, qualified trainers, and quality materials.

Haverty Hall 123 | 701-671-2416

Lisa Karch, Ph.D. Vice President for Instruction