Safe Zone

NDSCS: A Place for Everyone

All students, faculty and staff deserve to learn in an environment that’s supportive and friendly, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity/expression.

Safe Zone is a program designed to:

  • Educate people about sexual orientation and gender identity/expression issues.
  • Create a visible network of Allies to provide support to the NDSCS lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning (LGBTQ) community.
  • Provide accurate information about sexual orientation and gender identity/expression issues and resources within the community.
Look for the Safe Zone Symbol

Safe Zone

Anyone displaying the Safe Zone symbol has committed to being an understanding, supportive and trustworthy Ally for LGBTQ members of our College community. This person can also be counted upon to provide accurate information about sexual orientation and gender identity issues.

NDSCS Allies

The Safe Zone program is growing at NDSCS – check often to see our updated list of allies. Also, the Student Advocate is available in Old Main and coordinates the Safe Zone program.

Safe Zone Allies are not personal counselors, but they offer a safe place for LGBTQ individuals to be themselves. An ally listens. An ally respects confidentiality. An ally offers support, personally and through outside resources and referrals. An ally understands!

NDSCS Ally List

Dana Anderson
Old Main 410A, English/Humanities

Nicole Ashe
NDSCS-Fargo 183F, Enrollment Services


Kathryn Beherns
Old Main 410C, English/Humanities

Sandra Benedict
Hektner Student Center, Dining Services

Mindi Bessler
Old Main 230A, Student Success Center

Shelley Blome
Haverty Hall 101, Financial Aid

Susan Bronson
Haverty Hall 101, Financial Aid


Karen Dahlgren
Old Main 230, Student Success

Nicole Davis
Haverty Hall 101, Financial Aid

Karla Dickerson
Haverty Hall 101, Registrar's Office

John "Matt" Diischer
Riley Hall 137, Residential Life

Sheila Dolan
Haverty Hall 101, Financial Aid


Hannah Franks
Haverty Hall 101, Admissions


Sandi Gilbertson
Haverty 126, Human Resources


Alissa Herbranson
Riley Hall 130, Residential Life

Liza Hinrichs
Riley Hall 130, Residential Life

Kijia Homes
Haverty Hall 151, President's Office


Erin Johnson
Old Main 130E, Student Success

Melissa Johnson
Riley Hall 130, Student and Residential Life

Jim Johnson
Twin Cities, Enrollment Services


Crystal Lovik
Haverty Hall 101, Financial Aid


Sara Mack Johnson
NDSCS-Fargo 183C, Student Success

Ronda Marman
NDSCS-Fargo 161, English and Humanities

Bethany Mauch
Riley Hall 107, Student Health and Wellness


Carin Nielson
Old Main 110A, Student Success Center


Jane Passa
Blikre Activities Center 190, Athletics

Andrew Pedersen
Patterson Maintenance 104, Facilities Management

Bryan Poyzer
Cultural Center 132, Performing Arts

Sybil Priebe
Haverty Hall 223, English/Humanities


Heather Retzer
Old Main 340C, Student Success


Char Schuler
Old Main 442, Social and Behavioral Science

Fern Sessing
Riley Hall 130, Residential Life

Alissa Sherven
Haverty Hall 120, Human Resources

Jaclyn Steenblock
Old Main 130, Student Success


Mindy Manock Tayer
Old Main 110B, Student Success

Cloy Tobola
Hektner Student Center 162A, Information Technology Services


Lisa Wixo
Old Main 340B, Student Success

Jill Wohlers
Riley Hall 113, Student Health and Wellness

Safe Zone Training
Level 1: Becoming an Ally

The goal of this introductory training session is to provide basic information about sexual orientation, especially as it relates to NDSCS students, faculty and staff. Topics addressed include an overview of relevant terminology, the Coming Out process, and how to be an ally for someone who identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer. Participants at this training session will have an opportunity to make a personal commitment to becoming an NDSCS Safe Zone Ally. However, becoming an ally is not a requirement.

Upcoming Level 1 Training (Dates TBA)

Wahpeton: All trainings held in the Hektner Student Center

Level 2: Gender Identity

This training session is designed for current NDSCS allies and includes a terminology refresher, along with new material focused on the transgender community. While continuing education is important, you do not have to participate in Level 2 to be an ally or continue allyship.

Upcoming Level 2 Training (Dates TBA)

Wahpeton: All trainings held in the Hektner Student Center

If requested, attendance can be tracked for extra credit purposes.