Youth Programs

NDSCS Youth Programs allow students to explore, discover and dream!

  • Explore fascinating subjects and innovative technology.
  • Discover new interests and meet new people.
  • Dream about future educational and career paths.
Athletic Camps

NDSCS offers basketball and volleyball camps for a variety of ages designed to help students improve both their skills and knowledge of the game. Click here to learn more about NDSCS Athletic Camps.

Culinary Intensive

Explore the world of culinary arts during a four-day culinary camp geared toward individuals at least 16 years old with gourmet aspirations of a career in the culinary profession. Click here to learn more about Culinary Intensive.

Code Blue EMS Camp

2019 Camp Information Coming Soon
Open to students who have finished 9-12 grade. Meals and housing provided. Click here to learn more about the EMS Camp.

Math Olympics

Click here to learn more about Math Olympics.

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