Marketing Management

Students in the Marketing Management option at NDSCS-Fargo will develop additional skills in the areas of promotion, selling and marketing information management. These skills will prepare students for either career-sustaining or specialist careers in a variety of business occupations.

Students will also learn to recognize and act on opportunities to develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

Upon completion, students will be awarded an Associate in Applied Science degree in Business Management with an emphasis in Marketing Management.

For more information

Contact a Fargo Programs Coordinator at 701-231-6935 or request enrollment assistance.

First Semester

Course #Name (credits)
ACCT 102Fundamentals of Accounting (3)
BUSN 282Professional Development (1)
BUSN 120Fundamentals of Business (3)
BADM 201Principles of Marketing (3)
COMM 110Fundamentals of Public Speaking (3)
BADM 240Sales (3)
BADM 234Customer Service (1)
FYE 101First Year Experience (1)

Second Semester

Course #Name (credits)
ENGL 110College Composition I (3)
BADM 103Leadership Techniques (1)
BADM 202Principles of Management (3)
BADM 244Sales Seminar (3)
BADM 251Personal Finance (3)
BOTE 108 or MATH 103Business Math or College Algebra (3)

Third Semester

Course #Name (credits)
ACCT 215Business in the Legal Environment (3)
BADM 217Promotion and Advertising (3)
CIS 101Computer Literacy (2)
BADM 282Human Resource Management (3)
ENGL 120 or ENGL 125College Composition II or Professional Writing (3)
Wellness Elective(2)

Fourth Semester

Course #Name (credits)
ACCT 118Applied Accounting (3)
BADM 281Organizational Behavior (3)
BUSN 170Entrepreneurship (3)
BADM 291Career Seminar (3)
BADM 230Marketing Information Analysis (3)
ElectivesSee advisor (3)

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