GET App LogoA New Way to Pay!

Students you can now download the GET App on your mobile device to scan into the Flickertail Dining Room or Wild Grounds Cafe in Wahpeton. This new payment and tracking method is easy and convenient - plus, it is contact-less which will help minimize the spread of germs. Students can utilize their NDSCS Student ID cards to access their meal plan and dining dollars - but are encouraged to download the GET app to make dining at NDSCS Wahpeton even easier!

Apple App Store

Google Play Store

Set Up the GET App

  1. Download the GET App from Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Once the app is done downloading, open it up. 
  3. Click on Search All Institutions.
  4. Search for North Dakota State College of Science Dining Services. 
  5. Enter NDUS Account ID information. (firstname.lastname)
  6. Use Face ID, Thumbprint, etc.? Click to turn on, or I'll do it later.
  7. Create a 4-digit pin. Make sure to write this down as you will need it each time you open the scan card.
  8. You are signed in! 

Use GET at Flickertail and Wild Grounds Cafe

  1. Open up the GET App.
  2. Login using your 4-digit pin you created or Face/Thumbprint ID.
  3. Click on Scan Card to display your unique barcode.
  4. This unique barcode is what you will scan to enter the Flickertail Dining Room or pay for items at Wild Grounds Cafe.

View Your Dining Plan & Wildcat Bucks

  • View your meal plan information directly on the GET App or on the GET website.
  • View how many swipes you've used, or when you last entered the dining center. 
  • View how many dining dollars you've used and what you have left.

Load Dollars to your Account

Ask for Funds

Students Ask For Funds Steps

  1. Click here to login

  2. Enter NDUS Account ID

  3. Under Ask For Funds

  4. Enter Recipient Email

  5. Enter Recipient Name

  6. Select tender you would like money added to

  7. Enter Comment if you would like

  8. Click on Submit

Email will be sent to the recipient and within the email is a link they can click on to add funds.

Load Funds on Your Own Account

Students Load Funds Steps

  1. Navigate to GET On the Web to deposit into a Students Account

  2. Enter NDUS Account ID

  3. Click on Green  Add Funds Button

  4. Payment Type: Credit Card

  5. Click on Continue

  6. Enter Deposit Amount 

  7. Select your Wildcat Bucks Account

  8. Choose a Credit Card on File, if you have this setup

  9. Read Refund Policy

  10. Confirm Add Funds

  11. Click on Enter Payment

  12. Enter Credit Card Payment

  13. Click on Submit

  14. Once Deposit has been accepted, you will be brought back to the Overview screen

  15. A confirmation email will be sent to the email within GET

Friends/Family Members: Gift/Load Funds on Your Student's Account
  1. Navigate to GET On the Web to deposit into a Students Account

  2. Enter ID Number of Student 

  3. Enter First Name

  4. Enter Last Name

  5. Click on Continue

  6. Choose the Wildcat Bucks tender

  7. Enter Deposit Amount 

  8. Enter email for confirmation receipt

  9. Click on Continue

  10. Confirm Information

  11. Click on Enter Payment

  12. Enter Credit Card Payment

  13. Click on Submit

Once payment has been accepted you will get a Deposit Complete message. This will tell you how much you deposited and the name of the student and where your confirmation receipt will be emailed to.